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Open The World To Surreal, Iconic Art In The Form Of Jewellery  

Now you can wear exclusive art.


In the chaotic times we are living in right now, it is natural for designers to dig up surreal, nostalgia for the times gone by. With reality feeling unnatural and dreamlike we have rounded up the earrings we believe convey this the best. 

Completedworks have produced ‘Gold the Dishcloth of the Metropolitan Elite Earrings’ which draws parallels to Salvador Dali’s ‘The persistence of Memory’ . The Earrings brings Dali’s theme of painting, that stemmed from the ‘Theory of relativity’, alive in a decadent manner.

Shushu/Tong White 'YVMIN Edition Single Ceramic Hand Earring' has taken inspiration from René Magritte’s The Dawn of Cayenne. The white coloured ceramic hand is a head turner, and with this earring hanging of your lobe there is no bigger statement you can make. 

Ottolinger ‘Black Rubber Dipped Drop Earrings' and Joan Miró’s 'The Tilled Field' have bought our immediate attention. With organic and inscrutable a theme for Miró’s painting the same can also be said for the eye-catching Black Rubber dipped earrings. 

Faris ‘Gold Mismatched Plie Earrings’ and Yves Tanguy’s 'Indefined Divisibility' contemporary theme is undeniable. The painting from 1942 shows us that the theme of ambiguity is still relevant. 




Eamanuele Bicocchi ‘Silver Single Key Earring’ and René Magritte’s ‘La Clef des Songes’ is cerebral work at its finest.


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