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Kim Kardashian has just claimed she never wore underwear before Skims.


Kim Kardashian has just claimed she never wore underwear before skims.


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On Monday, Kim Kardashian announced on her shapewear brand, ‘Skims’, Instagram stories that she “never wore underwear until we invented this style”. The style in question is the ‘Dipped Front Thong’ that’s made to feel like a second skin which doesn’t cut into you and leaves no panty line, Kim says she’s “obsessed”. She might be biased


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The reality star, businesswoman and lawyer in training, described herself as being “a non-underwear kind of girl for a long time” and that “for a good last few years, I just wouldn’t wear underwear, and now I do”. It’s a surprise to hear as most of us wear underwear but then again Kim Kardashian probably never has to sit on a decades-old carpeted train seat in a mini skirt. 


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However, the plot thickens as to whether or not Kim is being completely honest as in 2015 she told, supermodel turned actress, Cara Delevigne that she was a fan of Hanky Panky’s underwear collection. Kim declared she never wore underwear until she wore Hanky Panky’s underwear. So what’s the truth? Did Kim Kardashian spend her life going commando feeling the Calabasas breeze on her coochie or is she exaggerating as a sale tactic? Who knows? But what we do know is that we’re excited to see what Skims does next. 

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