DXINX Exclusive: Foundations, Freedom & the Future

The multi-talented creative talks about her early life, artistic evolution, and forgiveness.


DXINX (pronounced dah-ee-nah) is instantly recognizable for so many reasons. Whether it’s her unique aesthetic, distinct vocals, or undeniable online legacy, it seems DXINX – real name Dainá Clarke – is set to leave a mark you literally can’t ignore.  

As one of the OG UK YouTube storytimers, her jaw-dropping tales together with other addictive uploads like challenges, pranks, style content, and videos showcasing her vocal talents, paved the way for more creativity and way more exposure. 

If you’ve been following Dainá’s content for a while, you can’t help but be moved by her journey. After the breakdown of a very public marriage, Dainá’s openness online about her divorce – and some insane events afterward (#BitterBrokeBitch, if you know you know!)  
– helped to uplift and support other women on the receiving end of narcissistic and manipulative behavior. 

Some of these events inspired the 2022 8-track EP Fin, a powerfully raw work of art that signifies Dainá’s rebirth into a brand-new era. This EP was followed by a string of singles including Gxmesmind, Beside Em, and the massively popular (and catchy – we warned you) Juice, solidifying the artist as one of continuous and exciting growth.