6 No Fail Tricks To Look Hot Af On Instagram Selfies


Like it or not, the selfie is here to stay. It's in your news feed; it's in Kim Kardashian's book; it's even in the dictionary (between 'selfhood' and 'selfing'). You can either resist the urge to post one of your own or you could join in on the craze that’s been sweeping the world. If you choose the latter, you'll need to make it good. Here's how to own the game and look hot AF in your selfies.

1. Be bold with your makeup.
The perfect selfie is truly an art form, and you can't make beautiful art with a shabby subject. Make yourself camera-ready by following a beauty routine that's slightly more intense than your everyday regimen. You might not sweep a highlighter stick over your nose and cheekbones every morning, but you should when you're preparing to take your best selfie. The same goes for your favorite bright lipstick. Once you throw an Instagram filter over a bold lip, you'™ll understand why it's a total gamechanger.

2. Take your selfie outside during the golden hours.
There's a reason why professional photo shoots have a team dedicated to lighting: it's crucial for a good shot. But if you'™re struggling to find fancy equipment, rest assured. Natural lighting is sometimes just as flattering, especially during the golden hours' right after sunrise and before sunset. So head outdoors for some quality photos – as an added bonus, you can get some cool trees or buildings in the background.

3. Experiment with angles – but, dear God, not from below.
Test out a few different angles to start – try placing your camera slightly above your forehead and angle it downward; snap a few from the left and right. But whatever you do, don'™t let your camera travel below your chin. Even those with the most petite faces will fall victim to the double chin phenomenon that instantly kills selfies.

4. Fill up that camera roll.
There's no shame in snapping selfie after selfie if the end result is a super hot photo. And don't forget to mirror it after! Nobody who's ever taken a selfie that they're proud of has struck gold on the first snap, so go ahead and take another one – or, like, seven. There's no shame in snapping selfie after selfie if the end result is a super hot photo.

5. Use a special editing app.
Yo Instagram filters, Imma let you finish, but there are plenty of photo editing apps that do a much better job at hiding your imperfections. Download some of the best free versions, like Snapseed and PicsArt, which let you blur out your zits, whiten your teeth, and even give yourself a nice golden tan. The Kardashians would never rely solely on Instagram to create their flawless selfies, and neither should you.

6. Unlock the secrets of Instagram.
Even the most tech-savvy millennials may not be using Instagram to its fullest, and that could result in less than perfect selfies. When selecting a filter, you can change the degree of effect that’s applied. Just give the filter icon an extra tap and a bar will pop up. Play around with its intensity for the best effect. Once you've chosen your filter, switch over to the “edit” mode and adjust the brightness and contrast, add some structure, and give it a good fade. You can even throw another filter on top of your perfectly edited selfie if you're feeling really daring (or bored). Don't be lazy with this step. The key is to experiment with different techniques so you take your absolute best selfie. Your 15 minutes of Instagram fame will be so worth it.