6 Lingerie Shopping Tips Every Woman Should Know 

Sizing systems, design terminology, and other aspects.  


Shopping for lingerie can be an interesting and exciting experience for many women. It’s always fun to see the various colors, designs, and fabrics used in brassieres, panties, and other undergarments. Moreover, trying on different items can also be an enjoyable experience, especially when you encounter styles that you've seen or worn for the first time.  

Intimate apparel plays a vital role in a woman's wardrobe. And selecting the best underwear items is essential to one's comfort, protection, and style. However, the vast array of options can make shopping somewhat challenging for some women, especially those who are unfamiliar with sizing systems, design terminology, and other aspects.  

If you'd like some tips that you can use for your next lingerie shopping trip, here are some suggestions you may find helpful.  

1. Explore Different Styles And Designs 

To add variety to your wardrobe, you can consider trying different types of lingerie apart from your usual style. Having an assortment of undergarments allows you more flexibility when putting together an outfit, as some underwear complement certain styles better than others.  

Here are some examples of lingerie essentials that can make a great addition to your wardrobe: 

  • T-shirt bra 
  • Convertible bra 
  • Seamless thongs, panties, or boy shorts 
  • Bralettes 
  • Strapless bra 
  • Sports bra 
  • Slip dress 
  • Hosiery 
  • Unlined or lightly lined bras

While it requires some adjustment for you to wear new styles, it can also be a fulfilling experience, especially if you pick out items that complement your clothing and make them fit better when worn. Also, some may even boost your comfort levels while wearing certain clothing items, which makes them worth a try.  

2. Get A Professional Fitting 

Wearing well-fitting lingerie is essential to feeling comfortable and supported, especially for brassieres. Aside from this, wearing the wrong bra size can negatively impact your posture and health. For instance, it's possible to experience breast, back, and shoulder pain if you're not receiving adequate support from your undergarments.  

To help you find the perfect-fitting brassiere, you should consider getting professionally fitted in shops that specialize in lingerie. A professional fitting service is usually free in most shops, and assistants can offer suggestions on which items would best suit you based on your size details. 

Having proper support would make your shopping experience easier and more convenient since you have accurate measurements that you can use as a reference.  

In addition, you'll need to consider your breast volume to be able to select a bra that can give you adequate support. For instance, balconette bras can support bottom-heavy breasts as they're designed to lift muscle volume while evenly distributing its mass and weight. 

3. Invest On Items That Flatter Your Figure 

As you shop, make sure to try on as many items as possible, and take the opportunity to test out some styles and designs that may be unfamiliar to you. Then, you can take note of the ones that felt comfortable and flattering on your figure and use them as a basis the next time you go shopping.  

If you find certain underwear pieces that you find appealing and flattering, you can also consider buying more than one pair in assorted colors and designs. This way, you'll be able to enjoy the same level of comfort, support, and protection with several options to choose from. 

It's also an effective way to prolong the lifespan of your lingerie, as you won't have to wear and wash the same item frequently.  

4. Prioritize Comfort And Ease Of Movement 

It's also important to consider comfort and ease of movement when choosing lingerie. Undergarments stay in constant contact with the skin, and this is why they must be made of soft, breathable, and absorbent fabric. This way, you can stay comfortable even as you sweat throughout the day. 

On the other hand, the material shouldn't chafe or irritate any part of your skin as you wear the garment.  More so, elastic bands and straps should provide enough support while allowing ease of movement. Underwires, pads, and seams shouldn't dig into the skin but should be tight enough to provide ample support where needed.  

5. Bring Wardrobe Items When Shopping For Lingerie 

If you have a specific outfit in mind that you'd like to wear with your new lingerie, you can consider bringing it to the store with you as you shop. This way, you'll be able to try on different undergarment options and see which ones would go well with your attire. 

You can also ask store clerks for recommendations by showing them the clothes you want to wear for a specific occasion or purpose. It will help you find the best items and discover ones you've yet to try.  

6. Take Your Time And Ask For Assistance 

It may be helpful to set aside time for choosing lingerie items during your shopping day. It's because you might need to take time for professional fitting if you're going to shop for a brassiere and try on several items to find the right style. Allocating sufficient time for selection allows you to explore as many options as you like and compare items based on fit, design, and price.  

More so, it's common for women to feel a little awkward or uncomfortable shopping for intimate garments, especially if it's their first time visiting a particular shop. In this case, you’ll find it helpful to have a shop attendant assist you and address your questions or concerns.  


Shopping for quality lingerie that will last a long time could be considered a wise and worthwhile investment. Wearing quality underwear is essential because it boosts comfort, protection, and confidence when needed. Also, premium lingerie is made of durable materials that make it ideal for regular wear, given proper care and usage.  

If you want to enhance your undergarment wardrobe, experts recommend shopping at established lingerie-specific stores where the quality of items is guaranteed. You’ll also benefit from a more comprehensive selection of styles and designs unique to their brand. 

Lastly, receiving advice and assistance from shop consultants may also provide you with a pleasant and convenient shopping experience.