4 Lingerie Trends to Try in 2022

Feel good and pretty at the same time. 


If women had to come up with a lingerie wish list for the new year, it likely would be a combination of options that are feel good and pretty at the same time.  Highlights would include pieces that are easy to wear and practical while still looking beautiful and offering the support and shape that women have grown accustomed to.  New work-from-home habits, which are likely to stay in place at least for the time being, include breaks for yoga, Pilates, and meditation. This new way of life has contributed to a growing trend that mixes femininity with wellbeing. Lingerie trends in the new year will meet the demands of a dynamic lifestyle allowing for more free movements by offering cozy first layers.

All-Day Bra Comfort and Style

“There is a new category of the ‘all-day’ bra, which speaks to the way women are living now.  We are working from home and are also focusing on activities that improve overall wellness,” explains Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, a solution driven design team for the intimate apparel industry. “Women want to feel comfortable and wear something that’s very pretty and feminine.  Our “before COVID-19” bras are not as comfortable as they were before. So, when we shop for new bras, we are looking for styles that meet our new lifestyle. That means searching for lingerie, particularly bras that are not as restricting as before.”

T-shirt Bras Are Still a Staple

The short answer to the question “What is a t-shirt bra?” is that it’s the bra that you wear under your t-shirt!  That’s how the concept came about.  A t-shirt bra has no seams, so it looks invisible under what you are wearing. It’s important to note that the t-shirt bra changed how we build bras. Before, every bra had seams and were visible under smooth fabrics.  T-shirt bras are made with a molded pad and molded fabric so it’s very smooth, and it has a wire for support. According to Lau, “While there are wire-free t-shirt bras, women who wear a larger cup may find more support in a wire bra.  The wire is a big function of the support and should fall right under the breast. Straps should have some stretch, but it should be controlled stretch.”

A Sense of Sustainability

Shopping for products that are earth-friendly has been a growing trend for several years.  It’s been a part of the growing wellness trend as women seek products that are good for our environment and ourselves. This means making mindful purchasing decisions where we take into consideration our overall feelings of wellness. Shoppers have consistently been communicating the importance of buying products that were made with minimum impact on the earth.  The good news is that sustainable fabrics also offer additional value-added benefits like moisture-wicking, breathability and anti-bacterial properties.  Great strides have been made with fabrics created from Bamboo, like Lenzing Modal and Tencel. These fabrics are soft, comfortable and meet the needs of our new way of life.

Strapless as a Wardrobe Staple

To meet the demands of creating a bra that is versatile, beautiful and can be worn for a variety of activities in one afternoon, the strapless bra has gone through a bit of a transformation.  Brands are now offering strapless styles with a wider back that also offers smoothing.  Wire-free versions are designed with features that help the bra to stay in place and may include engineered support with jacquard fabrics and a pad that is engineered with compression zones.