5 Tips for Making Instagram Stories For Your Fashion Business

The most popular feature of Instagram.


Instagram stories are one of the biggest marketing strategies that can expose your fashion brand to millions of users. It is the most popular feature of Instagram which gives fashion brands total creative freedom. 

Truth be told, Instagram stories are addictive, and therefore most global fashion brands use them to hook their followers. So, if you are looking to stand out in your niche, increase engagement and gain more Instagram followers, you must pay attention to what you post on Instagram stories. 

If you are new to Instagram stories and struggling to use them for your benefit, we have just the right solution for it. In this article, we have put together the five most powerful tips to help you make outstanding Instagram stories for your fashion brand. 

1. Post Exclusive Content 

The unique feature about Instagram Stories is that they disappear after 24 hours unless you save them to Instagram Highlights. Therefore, if you want to share an update or news which is not the main content for your profile, Instagram Stories is the best place to showcase this information. 

Use Instagram stories to post short videos and images that are exclusive. This may include upcoming product launches, discount offers, product sales, or a sneak peek of your brand collection. All these methods help to increase engagement and gain more Instagram followers

If you are confused about the long-term sustainability of a piece of content, you can post it on Instagram stories and check the engagement rate. If you receive positive engagement, you can upload the content on your main profile. 

2. Show Behind the Scenes 

People love brands that are transparent with their audience. Therefore, use Instagram Stories to show the behind-the-scenes of your business. It is the perfect opportunity to educate your audience about making your products. 

Show them a sneak peek into your factory or shop where you work or manufacture products. You can also do employee takeovers where your employee shares their experiences with the audience. Post short entertaining interactions with your teammates, share your story and discuss what inspired you to start your business. 

This is an excellent way to provide value to your audience and show them what your mission and goals are with the brand. It will help to build brand authenticity and a loyal customer base. 

3. Share Upcoming Product Teasers

Instagram story is an excellent place to post product promos and teasers. Being a fashion brand, product teasers on Instagram stories will generate excitement and increase hype about your brand. It will also grab the attention of your target audience and encourage them to purchase on the day of the product launch. 

A powerful marketing strategy to use Instagram stories for better conversions is to upload several mini teasers of your products over time. Create videos that are visually attractive and appealing. Showcase the special features of the product. However, do not reveal the entire product in your teaser. 

You can also combine this technique with Influencer marketing. Partner with popular Influencers in your niche and ask them to talk about your product in the teaser. This will help to increase engagement and gain more Instagram followers.

4. Conduct Interactive Polls 

Instagram stories stickers are amazing tools that help to increase engagement and interaction with your audience. You can conduct polls to get feedback from your followers or ask for their opinion about a product or design. This will help you understand what your audience likes and use it to create better products that most people will buy. 

You can also use Instagram stickers to answer questions and solve problems. The best part about Instagram stories stickers is that they are very easy to use and the most interactive tools to keep your audience engaged. 

5. Share User-Generated Content 

Instagram stories are the best place to post user-generated content. User-generated content is a post created by your followers. It is the most creative way to make Instagram stories that are centered on your audience. 

You can start a challenge or urge your Instagram followers to create content on a specific topic. Ask them to tag you using the branded hashtag. Once it is done, you can re-post their photos and videos on your Instagram stories. For example, you can start a '90s look challenge' where people can post short videos of retro outfits and looks from the 90s. 

Putting your audience in the spotlight also encourages them to participate in more such challenges. Thus making them more loyal and willing to engage with your brand. Moreover, it helps in brand awareness. 


The above tips will provide you an insight on how to use Instagram stories to promote your fashion brand. Instagram stories are a crucial part of Instagram marketing. It offers creative freedom and helps to build brand authenticity which is important for gaining more Instagram followers. 

So, use your Instagram stories to impact your target audience, solve their problems, and get feedback. The more you will engage with your audience through Instagram stories the more loyal they will become towards your brand. Thus, increasing conversion rate and product sales. 

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