10 Things You Should Know About Empaths

Number 1, they’re basically superhumans.


Do you often find yourself feeling the emotions of people around you? or even their pain? Is your party trick reading minds, and do friends often describe you as ‘the one with really good advice?’ If so, congratulations (or sorry) you’re probably an empath. Being an empath is, in many respects, a blessing and a curse. Whilst it means you are incredibly perceptive — almost to a clairvoyant level — and highly attuned to the people and places around you, being an empath also has its setbacks. Having the ability to feel so deeply, means empath’s often feel overwhelmed and bogged down by bad news. This combined with the fact they are thought to make up a mere 2% of the population, makes living with such a superpower a difficult and alienating feat.  But the empath is not to be overlooked. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and here’s what you need to know about them:  


1. They’re intuitive 

As previously mentioned, empaths are great at picking up on ‘vibes’ given off. They’re quick to judge the atmosphere of a room, and can (apparently, literally) feel your energy. Spooky stuff. 


2. They’re highly sensitive 

In an emotional and physical sense. As well as feeling deeply, empaths also smell, taste, and see things more intensely due to having highly refined senses.  


3. They absorb emotions 

Empaths are pretty much emotional sponges. That’s kind of what defines them. They find it incredibly hard, or even impossible, to disassociate themselves from somebody’s suffering. As discussed before, it’s also thought empaths can feel another person’s physical pain.  


4. They tend to be introverted 

Being around people, for the reasons listed above, can be exhausting for empaths. Because of this, they value their alone time, and characteristically lean towards introversion. 


5. They’re easily overwhelmed in relationships  

See points 4, 3, 2, and 1.  


6. They feel deeply connected to their environment  

Empaths feel at peace in nature as it replenishes them. In contrast, busy, loud environments cause empaths a great deal of stress and anxiety. 


7. They’re the best listeners (and have great advice) 

As previously mentioned, empaths are great with advice as they’re naturally insightful and nurturing people. Beyond that, they’re big-hearted, patient, and empathetic (shock). They truly put the best in ‘bestie.’ 


8. Bad news affects them deeply 

And we’re talking deeply, deeply. It’s not uncommon for empaths to cry watching/reading the news or avoid it altogether. Let’s be real, the media does a great job of fearmongering, and the best of us aren’t immune to its negative effects. However, empaths are particularly prone to emotional triggers for obvious reasons. 


9. They have a strong desire to help 

This ties in with the whole nurturing thing. Empaths are caring to a fault and won’t hesitate to help others, even if it’s to the detriment of their mental health (which it so often is).  


10. They’re not the best at setting boundaries 

 (Again) see point above.  


If these traits ring true to you then listen to our advice. Self-care is very, very important. Putting other people’s problems first, absorbing negativity, and overwhelm can lead you to burnout. Make sure you schedule in plenty of me-time, it’s not easy being a superhuman and you deserve to rest as much as anyone else. If such traits ring true of a loved one, then replace the ‘you’ in these sentences with ‘they/them’ for tips on how to be there for your empath friend. Alternatively, copy and paste this article link and call it a day. We know they’ll understand your indolence. 


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