10 Easy Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Minimum effort for maximum results.


Summer is approaching and, with lockdown rules finally being eased in most countries, we are so ready to enjoy the warmer weather. What we’re not ready to do though is spend hours getting ready to leave the house, only for the heat to turn our hair into a sweaty, frizzy mess as soon as we step out the door. If, like us, you’re on the lookout for hairstyle inspo that actually works outside, read on. We’ve put together 10 looks that require minimal effort and won’t be destroyed by heat or humidity. 

1. The surfer girl waves 


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Tousled surfer girl waves give the perfect low-maintenance look that never goes out of style. Just use a curling wand to get some waves then add a saltwater hairspray for extra texture. 

2. The claw clip 


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For an easy way to keep your hair off your back and out of your face, try using a claw clip. Just twist your hair up into an upside down ponytail, then clip it against your head. 

3. The simple front braids 


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Try this style to get a hippy look in just a few minutes. Use a saltwater spray to give your hair some texture, then braid together some strands on each side of your face. 

4. The space buns 

Space buns are the perfect style for hair that’s between washes. Just give yourself a middle part then push your hair up into half buns on each side of it. Use hair grips to hold the ends in place. 

 5. The high pigtails


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For a sleek, grown-up take on pigtails, try this style. 

6. The half-up box braids 


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This style doesn’t just look sleek, it’s also great for keeping some of the hair off your back on hot, sunny days. For this look, just take half your braids and wrap them into a bun on top of your head. 

7. The sleek bun 


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For another sleek and polished look, try replicating this style. Don’t forget to use hair gel to get that shiny look and to ensure you don’t end up with any flyaways. 

8. The headband 


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This is one of the easiest hairstyles ever. Just complete your usual haircare routine, push your hair back behind a headband et voilà! A put-together look that keeps flyaways off your face. 

9. The bubble ponytail 


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For a more interesting take on the classic ponytail, try adding bubbles (i.e., lots of mini ponytails) until you get to the end. 

10. The low bun and clips 


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Accessorize a low bun with hair clips to add a touch of sparkle while simultaneously keeping flyaways at bay. 

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