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It’s Time To Leave ‘Diversity’ Buzzwords In 2019

It’s Time To Leave ‘Diversity’ Buzzwords In 2019

Activist Arooj shines a light on those under-represented in society with #DoneWithDiversity campaign.


If you think juggling a full-time job, socialising, going to the gym AND having ‘me-time’ (the best use of our time), then prepare to be inspired.

Illustrator, fashion blogger and activist Arooj Aftab puts the Hustle into Side Hustle, growing her online empire all whilst killing it at a full-time job in marketing. Arooj is about to give us the kick up the butt we all need. What started as a hobby, her style blog documented her love for menswear and over-sized ‘fits. It quickly became a safe space to speak openly about her experience with neurofibromatosis and to raise awareness for the genetic condition, all whilst curating some unreal fashion content.

In 2018 Arooj was nominated for a Cosmopolitan Influencer award, rightly so, and in the same year, appeared on a BBC Documentary.

We’ve been following her new #DoneWithDiversity Campaign, which was first revealed on her Instagram, using some of the sassiest art pieces to compliment her words. The campaign is there to challenge the word ‘diversity’ and delves into what it really means. Ad agencies, fashion brands, beauty brands and corporate recruiters use the word ‘diversity’ in their campaigns, job specs or product ranges, but are they simply jumping on the bandwagon?


Ein Beitrag geteilt von AROOJ AFTAB (@its.arooj) am

These campaigns tend to include someone who is disabled, has acne or wears a hijabi, but HOW is there anything different about these people?! They exist in society like the person who orchestrated each of these projects. Arooj is campaigning to stop sweeping people into a ‘diversity’ shaped box and make every effort to be equal!

‘Instead of “diversifying” - I’m hoping to start my new #DoneWithDiversity project to replace the word for “representation” or “inclusivity”, you represent a community that isn’t represented a lot, or you’re becoming more inclusive to that community.’ Arooj’s words via her instagram caption.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von AROOJ AFTAB (@its.arooj) am

A report by Mintel shadows this much-needed conversation, speaking specifically about the beauty industry. This sector is experiencing the ‘Fenty Effect’ as brands distance themselves from stereotypes. This got us thinking, in order to appear truthful and capture the belief of those under-represented individuals, the focus needs to be on inclusively rather than diversity.

The #DoneWithDiversity campaign is one to think about. Here at Fizzy Mag we LOVE to question and debate what the future holds for fashion and brands. Hit us up on the socials, and let us know what you think. We want your opinion!


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