5 Non-Awkward Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Them

And no, liking all their IG pics at once won’t cut it.


Their name pops up in your mind every time you listen to love songs, you can’t stop fantasizing about your future together, you’ve saved most of their pictures in your gallery, and you check their IG 100 times a day? We're sorry to inform you, but what you have here is a crush. And since you’ve caught major feelings, it’s time to let them know how you feel.

I know confessing your love for someone is terrifying AF, but you’ll never know how it will end up until you give it a try! Here are 5 ways to get over your nerves and finally tell your crush you like them:


Befriend them first

Before you admit your feelings, you need to spend ample time together to try to understand who they are and to see whether or not you both have a chemical connection. If there’s a spark between the two of you then it’s going to be easy to build an exciting, fulfilling relationship with that person.


Drop a few hints

Too shy to be completely upfront about your feelings? Comment on their picture with something funny and flirty and they’ll probably be able to tell that you like them. It worked for me! If you see them in person, make eye contact with them and smile, or tease them playfully.


Be as transparent as possible

Gave your crush 287596783 hints that you want to go on cute picnics together, but they’re still clueless about how you feel? Well, then, it’s time to be crystal clear that you ADORE them. If you want to get things started with them quickly, you need to be transparent about your feelings.


Confess your feelings IRL

Telling them how you feel may seem easier through text, but this type of convo is better-done face-to-face. Not only will it show them that you seriously like them, but it will also be more sincere. Whatever you do, don’t choose the bar as a place to admit your feelings. It needs to be done in a casual and relatively quiet location where you’re free enough to be who you are. Remember to dress nicely when you know you’re going to be around them; put on an outfit that highlights your best features and is appropriate for whatever you’re doing that day.


Look at the bigger picture

If things worked out, congrats! Time to start Googling wedding venues, JK. But if your crush doesn’t feel the same way, it’s okay! Look at that L as a lesson rather than a loss. It’s not the end of the world! Life goes on and you will find the right person next time. Or, you can always checkout Cupids Light for some additional suggestions.


Take it from me. Last year, I told a guy that I liked him and he legit gave no response. I was butt-hurt but I quickly dusted myself off and went on to the next guy who was WAY cuter and entertaining to talk to. Eventually, I told him that I liked him and he ended up falling for me too. See! Everything happens for a reason.

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