Zendaya Renegotiates Her Salary To Earn $1 Million Per 'Euphoria' Episode

Star of euphoria gets a huge raise


Matthew Belloni of Puck reported on some of the most astounding TV salaries in a reader mailbag item for his Hollywood-focused newsletter, including this gem: Zendaya, who has won the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy for both of Euphoria's seasons, "recently finished a significant re-negotiation" that puts her episode pay in the Friends region of $1 million. 

The show's second season saw Zendaya take on the role of executive producer, making her the youngest person to ever be nominated for a producing Emmy.

Colman Domingo, who plays Ali on the television series Euphoria, recently discussed what viewers may anticipate from Season 3 in an interview with hypebae. Domingo disclosed that he and the show's director Sam Levinson recently "had some extremely profound chats." According to the actor, the director carefully discussed the "arcs of all the characters" and even hinted that Season 3 would feature some "very significant swings."