Your Beauty Bag Needs These Essential Items Now

Essentials that complete any makeup bag!


Makeup is an art that can instantly transform your appearance, highlighting features you otherwise wouldn't notice. No matter if you are new to beauty or an experienced pro, makeup must-haves such as eyeshadow and foundation are an invaluable starting point when creating any look - essentials that complete any makeup bag!

1) Mascara 

Mascara is an essential piece in any makeup bag and can quickly transform your appearance. Used to define and emphasize your eyes, mascara creates an open and awake appearance - something every makeup enthusiast desires! With various formulas, colors, and brush types available today there's bound to be something suitable for everyone's personal style - whether that means dramatic volume with volumizing mascara or subtle lengthening mascara the possibilities are limitless!

Correct application of waterproof mascaras can make eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and more defined; waterproof varieties offer added smudge ability protection throughout the day. For optimal results, two coats should be applied - one from root to tip for length, then mid-lash to tip for volume - followed by curling your eyelashes to give extra lift and define them further.

2) Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can help create various looks, from subtle daytime hues to bold evening smoky eyes. There is an impressive variety of colors, textures and finishes available that provide something suitable for every preference - matte formulas for daytime looks or shimmery shimmer for evening ones are available as are neutral or vibrant pops of color for bold accents - creating endless looks!

Start off by applying a light base by sweeping one shade over your entire lid, before adding depth and dimension with darker hues in the crease and outer corners using a blending brush for depth. Finally, finish it off with eyeliner pencil or liquid liner for additional drama!

3) Blush/Highlighter

Blush and highlighter are essential items in any makeup bag as they both add color while simultaneously helping to contour your features. Highlighter can give skin an aged appearance while blushes create a youthful flushed effect. Most cream or powder formulas will work for almost everyone - experimenting with various textures until you find one suitable to your skin type is highly advised!

For best results when applying highlighter or blush, use a brush or sponge to lightly sweep it across your entire facial structure, from your forehead down towards just below your cheekbones. When it comes to blush, use a stippling motion on both apples of your cheeks for an effortless finish.

4) Lip Color

Lip color is an integral component of any makeup look as it serves to complete its overall aesthetic. From classic reds to subtle nudes and matte formulas to glossy finishes - there's sure to be something suitable for everyone in our wide selection of hues and finishes!

Start off by exfoliating lips with a sugar scrub or balm, followed by applying lip liners like NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Beige all over them to lock in moisture and ensure lipstick will stay put all day long. Add definition and drama by finishing your application by layering on several coats of black mascara for additional definition and drama.

These four essential makeup items are must-haves in any makeup bag. From mascara and eyeshadows, blushes, and lip colors - which all can help create various looks for day or night use - to blushers and lip colors which provide color pops - having these products available will ensure you reach your beauty goals and look your best!