The YouTube Stars Getting High So You Can Have A Safe Sesh

Serious dedication to the cause.


When you take recreational drugs, it's hard to be certain about anything. How will it feel? How will it react to my system – or other drugs already in my system? How much should I take for my body weight? Should I snort it or swallow it? Thankfully, YouTube channel 'Drugslab' – a “science and education” service produced by BNN-Vara, a public broadcaster in the Netherlands – is working to clear up some of the muddy waters around the most popular party drugs.

Each Friday, the channel uploads new videos with titles like “GHB makes Nellie feel weak,” “Rens fights to stay active on Ketamine,” and “Bastiaan trips balls on LSD (acid),” and the show's young presenters test the illegal substances on camera before proceeding with some scientific tests. Many of the videos are produced at the request of viewers in the comments.

“We take drugs so you don’t have to,” Jelle Klumpenaar, the show's creator says. “We want to educate youngsters about drugs. Not stimulate them to use drugs, but to reduce the harm if they choose to do so. We provide the do's and dont's and show the effects of certain type of drugs, all in the name of science and education.”

We think this uber-liberal approach is a great idea, because whether or not people like it, youngsters are still going to take drugs – and often in much less responsible ways. What are your thoughts?


Images via and Twitter @nelliebenner