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We Feature The GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY™ Sneakers

Extra cushion for your feet, extra motivation for you.


You Define You. You can be a badass football player whilst still being an elegant and delicate butterfly. 

Featuring the GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY™ SNEAKERS, the first sneakers to feature a full-length GEL midsole, the ASICS has finally been released. Setting itself aside from previous sneakers, the ASICS proves that there is no just black and white; no limits are set by others determining what you can be, because only you can define you. 

The shoe combines a unique design with a functional sole, not only providing optimal cushioning, but also a style-conscious look.

ASICS' Shinji Senda, said: "Innovation has always been at the heart of our brand, and we're constantly looking for new ways to bring it to life for our style-conscious customers. The GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY™ model combines unique design with years of development of GEL technology for maximum comfort with every step."

With style-inspiration in mind, here at Fizzy Mag we have created a video to remind you that you don't fit into just one mold. You are the one who will be deciding on that, and defining who you are. 

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Photography: Brit The Kid

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