YEEZY At YEEZY Season 3 Inside Of Madison Square Garden

UPDATE: YEEZY Season 5 Has Been Rescheduled

The New Official Date Is Now Announced


The other day Kanye West announced the date and venue of his YEEZY Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week to be at 5pm February 15th at Pier 59 Studios, but it didn't take long before the news hit controversies.

The booking he announced was not yet confirmed with the venue since West reportedly didn't consult the CFDA. The Counsil of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) was soon out publicly critizising West for his "bad behavior" and took him off the official schedule. 

24 hours later, West got it worked out with the CFDA and got his show rescheduled to two hours earlier, that be 3pm February 15th. Steven Kolb, president and chief executive officer of the CFDA explains the quick change in a statement:

"Kanye called me personally to let me know that he had no intention of showing on top of another designer, and was unaware that there was a conflict. He explained that once he realized Marchesa was in the time slot, he immediately looked at alternative options. The CFDA appreciates Kanye’s outreach and effort, and we look forward to working with him far in advance to integrate Yeezy into the schedule in seasons to come."

The official time and place is now at 3pm February 15th at Pier 59 Studios, stay tuned for the latest updates.