Yachting in Canada

The yachting world is big in the country.


When you think of Canada, you generally think of ski slopes and mountain adventures, but the yachting world is big in the country. From Toronto to British Columbia, there are some of the best harbors as well as the best sailing to be done in the world. The coastlines are spectacular, and it is an industry that has taken Canada by storm. From charters to owner-driven holidays, the yachting world in Canadian waters is the next big sea time holiday destination.

Where people are going

As aforementioned, if it is the wilds you are after then British Columbia is the place for you, while the harbors of Toronto, the Great Lakes, and even Hudson Bay will also provide more than enough if a cityscape holiday is on your cards. There is a great deal of sailing or yachting to do in Canadian waters, and it will be important to know the options. Vancouver Island is a great place to keep your vessel sheltered and yet presents a slight difficulty in that it requires a  well-planned journey to get there. But once there, you will have access to the Gulf of Alaska and the British Columbian islands. It will all depend on what floats your boat, so to speak, in that on the other end of the spectrum, you have access to Toronto harbor on the shores of Lake Ontario.

How to secure a yachting holiday

Chartering a yacht for a few days a specific journey or buying a vessel are generally the accepted routes to securing a yachting holiday of a lifetime or a lifetime of yachting. Either way, your budget is gong to be the key, as this will determine what your options are. Do your research at this stage as best you can, and it may save you some money. Read reviews and ensure that the company you choose to buy or hire from has a trustworthy reputation in the field that can be verified.

Chartering a yacht

This will take all the stress out of the journey. Simply choose the right charter company, select one of their yachts and ensure that they cover the locations that you are interested in. There are numerous options to suit all budgets, from fully-crewed superyachts to a day out on a smaller, less extravagant yacht. Again, the places you want to go will also determine the size of the boat that you can take out. If it is a self-sail, keep it simple and ensure that your safety knowledge and practice is up to date.


This is an enormous investment, and like many owners, you can use investments in all sorts of things to realize your yachting dreams. Many have turned investments in Toronto real estate into yachts in the port of Toronto.

Yachting in Canada is currently big business and is expected to grow in the coming years as more people opt for self-contained, slightly more isolated holidays. Keep in mind that there will also be the usual reporting for private boaters once you enter Canadian waters, and you must have all your paperwork and travel documentation in order, same as you would need for any other types of border crossing or arrival at an airport.

It’s a great way to spend your holiday time with family and friends, and although it may seem like an unbelievably expensive option, if you do the research and make all the comparisons, you may be surprised at how affordable a yachting trip to your favorite destination may be.