Why Does Baldness Affect Some Men and Not Others?

It can be distressing to notice your hair is starting to thin.


Baldness is not an uncommon issue in men, but it can be distressing to notice your hair is starting to thin and bald patches are forming. While many people might associate this with more mature men, it can also affect some much earlier in life. As your hair can dramatically change your appearance, it is understandable why some individuals can find balding an upsetting experience, but why does it affect some men and not others? Below are some examples of the various reasons it could be happening to you.


Genetics is one of the main reasons why some men might experience balding, and some men don’t. Baldness can be hereditary, so if there is a history in the males in your family that have thinning or balding hair, you are more likely to experience this as well. If this is something that you are concerned about and you would like to tackle baldness, getting a hair transplant could be a good option for you. This procedure has long-lasting effects and can help you to feel more confident in your appearance. Look at this London hair transplant clinic for more information on what you can expect from this treatment.

Lifestyle Choices

Another reason some men might experience hair loss and others don’t is their lifestyle. A poor diet that doesn’t give your body the nutrients it needs, particularly one that doesn’t have enough protein or vitamin D or B12, can lead to poor hair health. Other factors like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also contribute to thinning or balding and numerous other health problems. It is important to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want your hair to stay strong and look its best, and this will also help you to stay in good shape overall.


Many situations in life can cause a high level of stress, such as financial worries, a demanding career, and difficult personal relationships. In a fast-paced world, it can be easy to ignore the signs of stress and choose to power through, but this can be mentally and physically detrimental. Hair loss can be a physical symptom of stress and prematurely greying hair. It is important to learn how to manage your stress healthily, and perhaps even reflect on your current circumstances and see how you can make changes to move toward a happier, calmer life where possible.

Other Health Conditions

Other health conditions can lead to hair loss, and some medical treatments like chemotherapy can also contribute to this. Treating these health conditions might slow or stop balding, and you might find that your hair grows back once these issues have been resolved. If you are worried that your hair loss could be a symptom of an undiagnosed illness, see your doctor as soon as possible to investigate further.

Many different things can cause balding in men and women alike, and some will be luckier than others. However, there are various treatments and lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce balding and hair thinning if this is a problem that you are facing.