Why Buy TikTok Subscribers And How To Do It Effectively?

Create a good start on TikTok.


Did you know since its initial release in September 2016, TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times? That’s almost a quarter of the planet (yep, we’ve nearly hit the 8 billion mark)! And with 800 million daily users, the app has the potential to literally change lives, as we’ve seen with new-age social media celebrities such as Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio. The two have a combined following of over 223 million. And yes, you read that correctly. But not everyone meets the same success. 

You can spend hours creating the perfect TikTok, re-recording clips over and over again to get the perfect transition, learning dance after dance, perfecting that Euphoria-inspired make up look. All for you to gain 2 followers. Maybe 3 on a good day. Meanwhile, other TikTokers will gain thousands. Due to TikTok’s algorithm, accounts with fewer followers generally get less screen time, barely showing up on user’s FYP’s (that’s ‘For You Page’, for anyone who has been living under a rock for the last 6 years). And even if your vid does pop up on user’s fyp’s, the less likes mean the less likely the viewer is to even watch the video until the end, let alone give it a like themselves. Whereas when a video with 1 million likes pops up, the viewer will likely watch it through, wanting to see what all the fuss is about. 

So you try again. Better transitions. And again. Perfecting your moves. Waiting for your blow up. The harsh truth is, that blow up may never come. But the lush reality is, you can fake it til you make it. Jump the queue for TikTok fame and just buy your followers. We know, we know… controversial. But is it, though? Buying followers is much more common that you think, and can give your account the boost you have been longing for. Spending a little coin can transform your profile, making it look tons more popular and in turn, increasing traffic on your account. But it’s not that simple. 

In order to buy TikTok followers effectively and efficiently, it has to look believable. First, find a reputable company. On average, 100 TikTok followers costs around $3.50, with 1,000 followers costing around $20. But buying more followers doesn’t increase engagement on your content. An account with tons of followers and little views or likes immediately looks fishy. The numbers don’t add up. You may want to buy TikTok followers instantly, as well as buying likes and views to increase engagement on your posts. Probably the most important piece of the puzzle is your actual content. An account with a high number of followers, likes and views, but with poor quality videos also immediately looks suspicious. Make sure your videos are engaging and exciting, or crazy and weird, or unbelievably insane. Or try something completely new to involve a new audience. Give the people something they’ve never seen before, and once you give your account that little boost, the numbers will start to look after themselves. Happy content creating! 

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