Wheatgrass Juice Is Nature’s Finest Medicine


What do Madonna, Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore have in common— aside from being famous stars? Well, the three stars drink WHEATGRASS JUICE!!!

Wheatgrass juice, as the name suggests, is the juice of a grass. More specifically, wheatgrass is a young grass in the wheat family that contains no gluten.

Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine.

Two ounces of wheatgrass juice (a wheatgrass shot!) has the nutritional equivalent of 1 kg of the best leafy, green, organic vegetables.

If you need some further convincing that your diet should include wheatgrass shots: Wheatgrass juice contains up to 70% chlorophyll, which is an important blood builder. (It helps to increase your red blood-cell count and cleans your blood and organs.

AND wheatgrass provides:

- 60x more vitamin C than oranges
- 50x more vitamin E than spinach
- 30x more vitamin B1 than milk
- 11x more calcium than milk
- 5x more iron than spinach
- 5x more magnesium than bananas

Although wheatgrass is already very popular, it can be hard to find, but you may be lucky in juice bars. You can also grow your own wheatgrass by soaking wheatgrass seeds in water and then harvesting and blending the leaves as they grow. Pro tip: Wheatgrass juice must be consumed fresh—within 15 minutes of juicing for the best results.

A good alternative to fresh wheatgrass juice is wheatgrass powder with 100% pure, whole leaf wheatgrass. The taste of fresh wheatgrass juice is definitely acquired, so if you find the taste unpleasant, you can mix it in a fruit smoothie or another another blended juice. Happy juicing!


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#Healthbeautynotebook The Power of Wheat grass Your probably thinking why drink wheatgrass juice ??.... Wheat grass juice has many health benefits. Wheat grass juice consists of chlorolphyll and important blood builder, the chlorophyll molecule hemin which consists of iron, that is a great health benefit to those who lack iron in their diet. *Purifies the liver *Helps diabetics with their blood sugar problem *Cancer *Great for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. *Rich in vitamins A B -Complex also vitamin C E I and K contains all the mineral known *Protein and amino acids *Rich in iron Ll Wheat grass is available in liquid form and in tablets, powder form, or you can use fresh wheatgrass and juice it. You can mix it in smoooties Or mix it in water Juices Best time to take it is first thing early inhtge morning ideally before breakfast for it to be more effective. #health#vegan#juicing#wheatgrass#wheatgrassjuice#organic#alkalinefood#fitfoods#vitamins#minerals#cleanse#detox#healthyfood#skin#beauty#diet#instagrammers#lifestyle#wellbeing#energyboast#beautyfoods#healthwarrior#fiet#weightloss#glowingskin#eatclean#rawfoods#alkalinediet#

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