What To Expect Your First-Time Smoking Weed   

Make your first-time smoking weed enjoyable.


If there are products that have become popular over the last few years, it is those related to marijuana. Although the consumption of marijuana has been a pastime for many, even before legalization, since it has been legalized, even more people have started indulging. The legal marijuana market around the globe generated around $17.6 million in 2019, and increased to an estimated $22.9 million last year.

Because of this popularity, you may be wondering what the buzz is all about, and though there are many experiences or situations in life you can prepare for, smoking weed is not one of them.

The experience from smoking weed for the first time can be different for everyone, and can be quite unsettling if you have no idea what to expect. This is why it’s important to know a few tips and what to expect, to make your first-time smoking weed enjoyable.

Remember to inhale

For those who smoke or vape, this piece of advice goes without saying, however if you have never smoked before, you need to remember to inhale. Many people who smoke weed for the first time forget to inhale once they have pulled on the bong, joint or blunt.

It may seem counterproductive to inhale smoke, and it is going to be an extremely weird sensation if it’s your first time, but eventually you will get used to it. To make it easy, follow a 3-step process; pull from the bong, joint or blunt, then inhale when the smoke is in your mouth as if you were taking a breath, then blow out.  Using something like a bong might be a wise choice as the water will help to cool the smoke which can reduce the irritation to your lungs, you don’t want this to ruin your first smoking experience.

Don’t rush in

Many people who smoke weed for the first time assume it’s like drinking; the more you smoke, the stronger the effects are. While this is true, there’s a big difference, and that is that there are different strains of marijuana and each have different strengths. The strength of the marijuana usually escalates with the price, so the cheaper the marijuana, the weaker it is.

This is good news if you are smoking for the first time because you will want to start with the low-grade stuff and work your way up. It will still affect you, but at least you will most likely maintain your cognitive function, as opposed to starting with strong stuff and not being able to talk coherently for a while.

Nothing might happen

The flip side of the coin is that for many people, nothing happens. There are many theories for the reason this happens and one of them is that since THC is new to your body, it doesn’t know what to do with it. This theory has been disproved a few times, but continues to pop up.

The most likely reason is that you are not inhaling properly, which is understandable, since inhaling smoke is not something many people would have practiced before. Regardless of the reason, it might not work for the first or second time, but it will eventually.

Have a free day

It is best however, to err on the side of caution, and make sure that you have a free day. The effects of marijuana can be unpredictable for those who smoke for the first time, but there are some usual effects. Most people feel euphoric, laugh at everything, find that things take on a new quality (such as being brighter or more colorful) and struggle to concentrate.

You might also feel slower and struggle to keep up with what’s happening around you. In other words, it’s probably not a good idea to go to work in this state, or to drive, operate heavy machinery and do any DIY work. Make sure that your day is free and just relax.

It might be bad

For some people however, the experience can be quite bad. You might feel extremely paranoid, anxious, fidgety and sad, or all of those things; this is called a bad trip. In addition to that, you might also feel extremely confused and experience physical discomfort.

The good news is that those feelings will soon pass as you come down, but it might be a good idea to be around friends, or to be at home, to avoid that from happening. Being in a safe place is important to enjoying your experience when smoking weed for the first time.