4 Ways Your POS System Allows for Customer Loyalty

Keep It Running


Keep your customers coming back for more with a POS system designed for customer loyalty. It can be difficult to attract a loyal following in a competitive market, so find out how the Clover contactless payment system and other state-of-the-art features can help you get ahead in your industry.

1. Preferred Payment Options

Your customers are using a wide range of payment methods. Whether they prefer cash, credit cards, contactless payment or mobile app convenience, be sure to offer the method your customers desire.

This creates a convenient transaction experience and encourages repeat business. It’s difficult to know which option will be the most popular in the future, so set up a Clover processing system to cover all your bases. Secure processing gives your customers peace of mind as they scan, swipe or tap their way to a new product or service from your store.

2. Personalized Rewards System

Express your thanks to repeat customers through a rewards program. The Clover system allows you to set up Clover Rewards, which personalize benefits and features with an easy sign up. Connect it to Perka or create a stand-alone rewards system that offers discounted prices, promotions and free services for repeat customers.

An automotive point of sale system can take advantage of a rewards program to offer discounts on an oil change service. You can also offer reduced rates on any maintenance tasks for customers who are loyal customers.

3. Digital or Plastic Gift Cards

A gift card is a great idea for your store. Advertise this feature before the holidays or throughout the year as a great way for your customers to treat their friends, family and coworkers. A gift card to your business can help invite a new customer to your location, which is a great way to earn a new loyal customer.

Go digital with your gift cards to offer modern convenience. Your customers can send a gift card for free with a digital card. Promote your new digital gift cards as a fast and easy idea for the holidays.

4. Low POS Costs for Reduced Rates

Finally, one of the best ways to keep customers coming back again and again is to offer competitive prices. Enjoy the low costs, low commitment of a modern POS system and reduce your prices accordingly. Lowering your setup costs allows you to reduce daily prices or offer frequent sales promotions.

Carefully review the POS systems available for your company. Some require lengthy contract commitments or come with a high processing fee. Modern processing doesn’t have to cost you a significant amount of your profits. Streamline your payment processing and leverage a lower processing rate to pass on the savings to your loyal customers.

Create a Loyal Following With a New POS System

Set your business apart with the latest Clover POS options. Work with a modern payment processing system to find out how you can reduce your costs, improve your services and manage your business with a dynamic hardware and software combination. When it comes to improving your business model and reducing your overhead, start with a new point of sales system.