5 Ways You Can Look and Feel Different This Summer

Give yourself a little makeover.


Seasons change every year, but you may feel like there's something you just have the itch to change about yourself, but you just don't know what it is! You need something new! Here are a few ways you can give yourself a little makeover to go out with a bang this year! 

1. Change Your Hair!

Your hair is often the defining characteristic about yourself. Blonde, brunette, ginger, purple, or pink, dyeing your hair says a lot about yourself and your personality. Perhaps the impending ending of the year is stirring up that confidence in you to dare to go that color you always wanted to. A lot of the time, people tend to to dye their hair the opposite to their comfortable color, and this may be right for you. Copper is an extremely trendy color at the moment and it seems being a redhead is a desirable choice! If you dont feel like dyeing it, you can always give yourself a different style. Long straight hair? Go choppy and curly! Short bob with a fringe? Get extensions and part that fringe to more of a curtain sweep! Try out these looks digitally before doing so, the technology is out there so stop you from choosing a look that isnt for you! But, altering your hair in any way is always going to welcome compliments as it is such a key part of your look.

2. Adapt Your Make-up!

Making small changes to your make-up routine can have a huge difference to your style. Australia has different seasons in comparison to places such as the UK, so keeping in harmony with these seasonal looks are important but there is nothing wrong with repeating the classics! With summer being at the end of the year, you must still stay moisturized, both on the skin and lips because the sun is just as drying as the cold. Protection from the sun is always needed and looking after your face is just as essential to your make-up looks as the actual products are! Lighter colors are always a preferred option in the summer and this is in-keeping with the summer colors that accompany the season. 

3. Beautifications

Now, of couse, this is not for everyone and that’s completely fine! But we cannot ignore the popularity that facial surgeries have reached within the past two years, especially lip injections! From Love Islanders, to the Kardashians, there has been a boom in the demand for lip fillers over the past two years. Salons have begun to introduce the procedures onto their menu’s and more and more women are fronting the look. There are different measurements you can get to suit your lips and lip shape so don’t think one size fits all! Salons will adapt and cater to your every need. You need the proper preparations and aftercare if you are thinking of choosing this option so do some research on your salon and make sure they are the right fit for you!

4. Keep on Top of Your Eyebrows

Coming out of winter, you may have neglected your eyebrows and their shape may have become lost in the growth of hair! Whether you have the natural look or you want some more shape in them, plucking a few hairs and getting yourself a dyeing kit can make a drastic change. Making your eyebrows darker can make a difference to your face and the way that they shape it. Even more so, if you want to go the other way, people have been bleaching their eyebrows. If you think you want to bleach your eyebrows, jump on that trend! Eyebrows go through such different changes over the years and the natural brows and the bleached brows have been dominating this year, with people having mixed opinions on the latter. Your brows, your choice to bleach them! 

5. Shopping Spree

People often say that clothes are what people make their impressions based on and what your style says about you is often important in reflecting your personality. Particularly, with the holiday season rapidly approaching, Christmas and New Years Eve are the most celebrated events of the year! Planning outfits in advance is always a good option, especially if you have a party on the cards or somewhere you know you will be going. Getting a new wardrobe for the end of the year may be just what you need. Walking round Australia will be a warmer experience with summer approaching, so folding those jumpers and putting those winter coats at the back of the wardrobe will be activities you will need to undertake! 

Are you interchanging a morre laidback style for a simpler, more professionally mature fashion? Or are you wanting to lose the tight pencil skirts for a more flowy boho maxi skirt? Whatever your vision, add things to your wishlists and look up peoples different styles so you can pinpoint the staples you need to achieve certain looks and spend as less money as possible! A lot of things can be bought second-hand too so you are staying sustainable in the search for your new style!