3 Ways To Grow Your Hair

Top tips to achieve a great head of hair.


We’ve all been there – you go for a haircut, opting for a blunt chop because Kylie Jenner just got a bob and you think it might be a bit of you. And it is a bit of you, for a few while. Then suddenly, you’re scrolling through Instagram, pining for the luscious locks of your past. I’ll never have that hair again, you think, all is lost, I am no longer a woman, I am a hairless beast!!!

All is not lost. 

It’s true, growing your hair is a marathon, not a sprint, with the average person growing a measly half an inch per month according to the American Academy of Dermatology. However, there are methods that are said to speed up the process of hair growth; some you will have heard of, some a little more unconventional. But there’s a global pandemic – whilst we all have to stay home, why not try putting some weird shit on your head? Who knows – it just might work. 
1.    Natural Remedies

Everyone’s got one thing that their grandma’s cousin’s friend whose mum is a hairdresser apparently claims you have to do, and if you do it then your hair will basically be down to your butt overnight. Most of the time these are some serious BS, with the claims often being unsubstantiated. The suggestions are wild: ginger, fish oil, and one of the most popular – the trusty egg. Although the science (?) makes a bit of sense, with its protein, fat and sulphur promoting healthy hair, there is no scientific confirmation just yet. Perfect for adhering to social distancing tho – we have it under good authority you will smell so bad people will stay two metres away. If a straight up egg to the head is too daunting, you could always start with the Too Cool For School Egg Remedy hair mask.

2.    A Trim 

Yes you guessed it, cutting your hair does actually promote hair growth. There is not a hairdresser-sourced conspiracy theory – they are not lying to you to ensure you keep coming back for those $25 haircuts. It’s a simple fact: cutting your hair makes it healthy, and healthy hair is more likely to grow. If you cannot get to a hairdresser at the moment, just get the person in your bubble with the steadiest hands, a good pair of kitchen scissors, close your eyes and hope for the best. (We do not claim any responsibility for catastrophic lockdown haircuts). 

3.    Masks & Treatments 

Most hair masks and treatments can do little more to help your hair than your average drugstore conditioner despite some of their hefty price tags. Once hair is dead there’s very little other that can be done to save it than a proper trim. Olaplex is damaged hair's saving grace, showing results after the first use. A deep condition at least once a week will help repair hair that has been damaged by heat or bleach (those who bleached their hair during lockdown one and are now staring at their fried ends – we’re looking at you). Nereus London is also a great product. Special scalp-exfoliating shampoos can help to reverse the damage from products like dry shampoo, clearing scalp build up and ultimately aiding hair growth.  


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