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Virgil Abloh X IKEA Drop The “MARKERAD” Collection

He did it, once again!


DJ-turned-designer-slash-overall-creative-genius Virgil Abloh is no newbie to the collaborations market. Previous highlights included Nike, Jimmy Choo, Kith, and the list goes on. The newest addition is Swedish furniture giant IKEA.

After two years, the anticipation has finally paid off when the “MARKERAD” dropped on November 1st. The collection, which “stylishly fuses functionality with street cred and high cultural references”, is strictly limited edition. 


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Highlights include a big white carpet inspired by an IKEA receipt ($100), a brown “SCULPTURE” bag ($15-$20) and a distortion mirror ($185).

When asked about his inspiration, Abloh said, “The ethos of the collection is to add an artful quality to anonymous objects.”

Each customer is allowed to purchase one piece of each product only at a time, with the exception of chairs (those are limited to 4 pieces at once) and bedsheets. According to their website, IKEA is planning to restock the items on November 4th if they still have stock left.


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(images via IKEA)