Hello Veganuary

Will you be taking on the 31 day challenge?


Did you know Veganism grew by 62% in the UK during 2020!? Major restaurants, supermarkets and brands have brought out many vegan-friendly products over the last year, making vegan meals even easier to make at home. 

Often meat-eaters state that being vegan means that you are not getting enough nutrients. However, that is incorrect. Vegan diets often have lower calories and less saturated fats which means becoming vegan can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Another statement that meat-eaters use to disregard veganism is the cost. At times some processed vegan food aka meat substitutes such as burgers might be more expensive. However, preparing and making food from scratch is very inexpensive. It is often the added flavoring that makes food tasty. So as a vegan make sure you have all kinds of herbs, spices and sauces to make those veggies taste even better.

There are at least six different vegan kinds of milk out there readily available: soya, almond, oat, rice, coconut and hazelnut. People might say they don’t taste like cow’s milk, yet that is the point. Vegan food isn’t to taste like non-vegan food, it’s to taste like its own thing!

If you can’t go vegan for the whole month, that’s okay, just try it once, you might be surprised. These are four benefits of being vegan for one day a week. 

1. More nutrients, minerals and fiber than you would normally be getting as you eat more veggies

2. You’re helping save the planet (we all know the meat industry is the leading cause of global warming)

3. Will help you cut out processed meats that could be dangerous due to added harmful chemicals

4. Prevents heart disease which is often caused by a meat-dominate dieting