Using Coconut Oil To Grow Your Lashes

It’s not just hair and skin that it’s good for.


By now, we’ve all heard of the benefits of coconut oil for the hair and skin, but did you know it can also be used to help grow your eyelashes? You read that right, something so simple can help grow your lashes naturally, but takes a little time. 

The same way coconut oil can encourage hair growth, it can do the same for eyelashes. Applying a small amount every day makes all the difference as our lashes are infused with the ongoing list of the properties coconut oil holds. 

It is best to apply it to the lashes at night, before bed. This allows the oil to be absorbed overnight and can be rinsed off in the morning as there may be some residue around the eye area. 

Not only is it great for the eyelashes but can also help grow eyebrows. If you have patches in your eyebrows where there is limited hair growth, applying a small amount of coconut oil to this area can help stimulate hair growth. Doing this regularly overtime, your eyebrows will be looking a lot fuller! 

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