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5 Useful Zero-Waste Hacks That Every Newbie Should Know

Make it easier for yourself with these easy, simple steps to a zero-waste life.


Have you been thinking about going zero-waste? Well, for starters, we applaud you. Secondly, we get that it must also be overwhelming. A lot of us want the transition but fail to in the end because we just don’t know where to start. With so many voices in the eco industry telling you what’s right and what’s not, it can get pretty intimidating pretty fast.

First and foremost, you’ll have to accept that it will be a big lifestyle change and that you’ve got to be prepared to roll with the punches. You’ll make some mistakes of old here and there BUT so long as you’re willing and open-minded, you’ll reach your dream zero-waste life in the end.

Inside of each of us is an eco-friendly warrior who is itching to get out. Rather than taming the beast, learn some simple zero-waste hacks that’ll make the transition much easier on you and your wallet.

1. Buying in bulk should be your go-to

With more people going zero-waste, the demand for stores that cater to a zero-waste life has shot up. These stores are a great place to find eco-friendly products that don’t come covered in plastic.

You’ll be expected to bring your own containers and jars in order to lower the need for excess packaging. You’ll take only how much you need, which will save time, money and resources. Buying in bulk also reduces the amount of times you visit the store, helping you one step towards lowering your carbon footprint.

2. Bring out the DIY in you

Making things yourself will absolutely save you pennies and resources. Whether it’s growing your own vegetables and herbs or making your own rendition of natural haircare and skincare products, making it at home will not only feel better but it also means you avoid all the chemicals and nasties that tend to exist in store-bought products.

Going natural also feels good, mentally and physically, while being good for the environment, too.

3. Start practicing discipline 

Learning to say no in the face of the plastic industry can be extremely liberating. When buying food, refuse the plastic cutlery that often comes with it. Walk away from the plastic straw that is being offered with your coffee. Don’t use plastic carrier bags, instead take your own organic cotton shopping bags that last a lifetime.

Before you know it, you’ll find that you never needed any of this in the first place. Saying ‘no’ becomes second nature and it’ll feel good, too.

4. Become your own trusty handyman

Rather than throwing away clothes that have holes in them, or an old clock or watch that could do with some TLC, do some online research and fix it yourself.

Not only will you feel productive and useful, you would have also picked up a new skill that can be utilized in all moments of clothing or utility despair. You might even find that you enjoy fixing things!

Breathe new life into old items at a far more respectable price for yourself and the environment.

5. Learn to forgive yourself along the way

Turning into a zero-waste queen or king (or both) doesn’t just happen overnight. You’ll make mistakes that remind you of your past and that’s fine. Going zero-waste is a lifestyle and with practice it’ll eventually become all you know.

The process is meant to be fun and exciting. You want to slip up just so you can be even more determined to learn new things about living an eco-life, as well as about yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up too much and always remember that you’re already doing your very best to making our world a better place for years to come.


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