Urban Decay Is Launching A Product That Will Transform Your Lips Into A Holographic Wonder

This new topcoat will completely elevate your lipstick game.


2017 is shaping up to be a very sparkly year for the beauty industry. From glossy eyelids to glitter bombed nails, the world has been looking very shiny lately. Now, Urban Decay just entered the glitter game with a brand new lipstick topcoat that will make you look like the unicorn queen of your dreams. 

Urban Decay's co-founder Wende Zomnir took to Instagram to tease the launch of the brand's new Vice Special Effects Liquid Lip Water-Resistant Topcoats and showed us swatches of mermaid green, sea blue, white iridescent, bright fuchsia and electric purple.

This new product is essentially lip gloss on speed, and with one slick across your pucker, it will transform any lipstick hue into an extra bold pout. The collection will feature 12 different shades of metallic, iridescent and sparkly topcoats that will seal in your lipstick and boost your look to the highest level of glam possible all at the same time. 

These shimmery stunners launch on March 23 for $18 a pop on UrbanDecay.com— and like everything else from the brand, you’re going to want them all.