5 Updates To The World Of Beauty We Have Been Glad to See

Many innovations behind the scene.


The world of beauty is vast. Though many products all do similar things, there are many innovations behind the scene that keep this sector moving forward. Here are some of the biggest changes that have helped to update many different people’s beauty regimes.

Clear Braces

Many adults are now choosing to opt for braces to help improve their teeth, whether this is for cosmetic reasons or for health reasons like a misaligned jaw. However, not everyone wants the world to know that they are wearing braces. Some prefer to stick to a night-time retainer to help them complete their course, whereas others might like to choose an option such as clear braces from Straight My Teeth.

By choosing to use invisible braces, many are able to make the changes to their mouth that they wish to see with many not even realizing that they might have braces. What’s more, the clear brace cost UK appliances tend to come with is often affordable. This allows more and more to get the orthodontic treatment that they want without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.


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Beauty Sponges

Many of us have memories of sneaking into an older relative’s makeup bag and finding a makeup sponge used to apply cream or liquid products like foundation and concealer. These sponges soaked up a lot of product and were not the best at blending. Even when many switched to using brushes, there were still those who preferred using a sponge even though it wasn’t the best option.

Then came the innovation into beauty sponges. Beautyblender was one of the first on the scene, but there are now similar sponges from multiple brands big and small. These allow you to quickly and easily apply your makeup in a flawless manner, and they have become a staple in many people’s makeup collections.


There have been many steps forward in terms of skincare and one of those has been SPF advancements. We have a greater understanding of how the Sun can cause damage to our skin, especially if we are out in it for a long time. There is also a greater understanding of how UV rays can harm us, even on overcast days.

Nowadays, it is rare to find skincare that does not involve SPF in some way. Many of the best creams and foundations do have a touch here and there, and you can now even find sunscreens that effortlessly go over the top of makeup to help you stay protected throughout the day. Everyone should always make sure to wear a little SPF even if they live in a country known more for its rain than its sun!


Mascara has come a long way. When it was first invented, it was in bar form not too dissimilar to a bar of soap – though you would not want to wash with it! In these days, you would use a little brush to pick up some mascara. 1957 saw the launch of the first cream mascara, with beloved makeup brand Maybelline then making leaps forward in 1959 and 1964 in terms of creating the wands and tubes we know so well.

Both the formulas themselves and the wands have changed immensely in the past decades. Nowadays, nearly every makeup brand has a mascara. On top of this, you can find waterproof formulas, ones that curl your lashes, ones that lengthen, and practically anything else you could wish! No matter how you like your lashes to look, there is always a mascara waiting to help you achieve that effect!


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Skincare and Coverage in One

People are investing a lot more into their skincare now. Makeup is not just being used to cover any imperfections that we might wish to hide, but is also being used to correct and treat them too.

It is not uncommon to find foundations that are lightweight and designed to not clog pores. At the same time, you can find many that contain hyaluronic acid and other useful ingredients in their formulas. Skincare and coverage are going hand in hand, and it allows us to achieve a much more natural look overall if that is what we wish to see.


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These are just some of the innovations in the world of beauty that we have seen in past years. It might be something as simple as the introduction of a new product, or it could be something that has completely turned the beauty world on its head. The big names in beauty are always working on new innovations behind the scenes, and you never know when an indie brand comes storming out with something new that changes everything. Keep an eye out for the latest innovations – they could be incredible!