5 Unique Things About the Western Caribbean

Warm throughout the entire year.


If you enjoy meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and trying new things traveling is perfect for you. One of the most beautiful places to visit is the Caribbean. Warm throughout the entire year, the Western Caribbean is the place to be. In addition to the sunshine, the islands are full of beautiful beaches, unique food, and an interesting lifestyle. There is always something different to try or do in the Western Caribbean. The best way to learn is to experience it yourself.


Since the Western Caribbean is surrounded by water the best way to travel is by boat. You can easily reserve a spot on a Western Caribbean cruise to get a more in-depth look into Caribbean life.  A cruise will take you to many places within the Western Caribbean as well as show you more of the surrounding ocean. Crystal clear water surrounds the islands as well as unique ocean animals. Fish of all different colors, green sea turtles, and several species of dolphins call these waters home. There are even migratory whales that can be spotted in the ocean at certain times of the year. There are few other places in the world where you can find this much ocean life in one place.



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Surrounded by water one would assume seafood would be the primary food source in the Western Caribbean, but goat is the most popular meat. A dish called goat water is a national dish. Made of meat from a male goat, many spices, and some rum goat water is a delicious sensory experience. The Western Caribbean is also known for its spices and hot peppers. The hottest peppers in the world are commonly seen in Western Caribbean cuisine. Both the Scotch Bonnet and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili Pepper are grown and eaten throughout the Caribbean.


In the Western Caribbean rum is the most popular drink. It is manufactured across the Caribbean and used both as a drink and in food dishes. Rum is also combined to make many other mixed alcoholic drinks. The Caribbean Islands all create individual brands of rum. If you are a connoisseur of rum, the Western Caribbean is perfect for you. For travelers wishing for nonalcoholic drinks, coconut milk is a popular option. Enjoyed straight from the coconut, fresh coconut milk is delicious and refreshing. You can't get coconut milk fresher than in the Caribbean.


With food and drink comes parties and music. The people of the Caribbean enjoy partying late into the evening. The steel drum, an instrument originating from the Caribbean, is the most popular party instrument. A steel drum is a metal bowl with many, specific dents in it. When the dents are hit or rubbed a sound is created. Combining these sounds, steel drum players can create beautiful, enthusiastic rhythms. While no other instrument is like a steel drum in sound, the most relatable instrument is the snare drum.


English is the most widely spoken language in the Western Caribbean, but it is not the only language. There are many different dialects and languages spoken in the Caribbean. This is mainly due to the Caribbean's sad past. Used as a dumping ground for slaves, people from all over Africa were forced to live and work in the Caribbean for some if not all of their lives. Sugar plantations were the main source of income for the islands and Africans were forced to work in the sweltering heat and humidity. Although conditions were dismal, these slave populations found solace in each other. Combining their African languages, they came up with their own language now spoken around the Western Caribbean. Called creole, it not only mixed African or West Indian slave languages, but also English, French, or even Spanish. 

If you are looking for somewhere different, interesting, and fun to go look no further than the Western Caribbean. With sun, sand, and never-ending views there's plenty to do in the Caribbean.