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Ultimate Guide To Last Your Makeup All-Day

Tips and tricks for makeup longevity.


Oily skin, open pores, blemishes and redness are the most experienced skin issues and notably the hardest ones to treat. The easiest way out is covering them up for the gods, but what happens when the best solution doesn't last long? Go out, do some shopping or even get some Mimosas with your gal-pals and gone is the foundation that promised a long lasting on-fleek look (we trusted you!). 

According to experts, the best way to get your makeup to last longer isn't only by choosing the right products, but also by applying them with the correct technique.

Follow our Fizzy-guide below to make your makeup last all-day:


#1 – Prepping the skin

  • Exfoliate
  • Tone
  • Moisturizer to hydrate
  • Prime both face and eyes

#2 – Oil-Free Foundation - Less is More

When it comes to lasting longer, less is more! Always layer your makeup to built up the coverage you need (and deserve). Use a beauty blender to apply foundation as it creates a smooth, texture-free complexion without leaving you with a cakey face. If you have dry skin, try to use oil-free foundation. The primer and moisturizer used earlier will provide your skin with enough hydration, avoiding patchy or oily outcome.

#3 – Layer with a powder compact

Liquids and creams tend to slide off through the day, so the best way to ensure evenness is to find a lightweight powder that matches your skin tone and tap it all over the face.

#4 – Prime your eye-brush

  • Glitter eyeshadows are the best, but the struggle to make them stay is real. When applying the eyeshadow, use a primer spray over the brush. This helps the shimmer stay longer with a foiled finish!

#5 – Cream Blush where art thou?

  • Rosey tinted cheeks have always been the go-to for a soft, natural look, but they fade away pretty quick. A trick used by professional makeup-artists is applying matte lipstick to your cheeks, mixing it with a primer. If you prefer a lighter shade, dilute it more to get a peachier tone.

#6 – Stop the lipstick bleeds

  • Matte lipsticks stick to your lip and show off the chapped parts. If you are not a fan of matte and prefer using your satin velvet finish shades, try layering them both.
  • Apply a layer of matte lipstick and dusk it off with a tissue, then apply your satin shade over and repeat the process until you get the opacity of your lipstick that you want. 

#7 – Set with a translucent powder, NEVER a setting spray

  • Apply a lightweight translucent powder all-over your face. It not only mattifies the skin but also helps soaking up the excess oil.
  • Setting spray doesn't necessarily work for every skin. The formula tends to clog pores, which can eventually lead to acne issues. But hey, if it works for you- it works for you. 

#8 – Blotting paper for the go!

  • Always carry blotting paper to clean excess oil or greasiness. The paper soaks unwanted shine without disturbing your makeup.

Lastly: Hands Off- Always!

Touching your face not only smudges your makeup, but spreads the bacteria from your hands to your face. Again, this inclines your chances of triggering acne and blemishes.

Remember to keep your essentials close- bloating paper to soak the excess shine, lipstick to reapply lightly and pressed lightweight powder for a quick touch-up.


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