UK Teens Criticise The Government For Refusing To Make Trans Lives Easier

The Gen Zees have spoken…


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has caused a national uproar when he blocked the Scottish Gender Recognition Bill this week.  

The Gender Recognition Bill set out to improve the livelihood of transexual teenagers – by lowering the age, that people can apply for a gender recognition certificate. The legal age had been amended to 16 instead of 18. 

The bill also intended to rid the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria – meaning the trans applicants only needed to live as their gender for three months instead of two years. 

The bill was blocked due to fear amongst ministers that the bill might have an ‘adverse’ effect on the UK Equality Act – including the idea that allowing people to ‘self-identify’ as a woman, could danger the lives of women in single-sex spaces like toilets and changing rooms.

Members of the British public are disgusted at Rishi Sunak’s decision, and the lack of trans representation in the UK government, with many trans campaigners have connected with LGBTQIA+ allies in protests across London. 

TikTok personality @matiisigns spoke out about the matter, “the legal gender identification of a trans person, does not affect anybody in this world, other than ‘said specific trans person’ trying to legally change their gender.”

@matiisigns it’s embarrassing behaviour, and scotland are well within their right to be unhappy. #government #scottishgenderbill #matiicripps #rishisunak #ukgovernment #humanrights #transrights #transgender #lgbtrights ♬ original sound - matii cripps

A protestor on Downing Street told ITV News, “That bill took six years to pass! It was meticulously organized and worded so it could happen in Scotland. And even still, this conservative government would rather risk an unprecedented constitutional crisis to fuck over 0.5% of the population who just want some basic dignities.”

Another protestor declared, “If you are going to be a transphobic government for yourself, fine! But do not stop other places from getting on with making things better for the trans community.”