Christian Holidays Or No Holidays

The UK Government announces unfair Christmas COVID rules.


Diwali, Eid al-Fitr (Eid) and Yom Kippur. All missed or celebrated in lockdown because the risk of spreading COVID-19 was “too high.” Yet, Santa Johnson is bringing a free pass to meet with three other households this Christmas.

As the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announces the new restriction-free (almost) five-day Christmas break from his home in London where he is self-isolating (ironic, yes), the public questions why there were no lifted restrictions for other religious holidays or celebrations. 

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, said this ease of restrictions is a “Christmas special for everyone,” but if we’re supposedly all “equal,” why was it deemed unsafe to attend celebrations or see family during non-Christian events that are just as important as Christmas?

The religious communities in England are left feeling angry and unworthy of such restriction changes. Time and time again, the UK Government proves that the COVID rules are not set for everyone. One rule for you and another for someone else or community. 

We want to be part of a society that treats everyone equally, no matter their race or religion.

England is coming to the end of the month-long national lockdown that began after COVID-19 cases and deaths rose once again. There’s little proof of cases declining, and several scientists have suggested that this Christmas break will cause a spike in cases. So why is it going ahead?

If it’s not safe, it’s not safe. As much as you might love Christmas, remember that the Government chose to stop non-Christian events where people would normally see family or loved ones. Remember that. 

Christmas can be celebrated in lockdown. 

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