Why Bad Fashion Is Now Good Fashion

It's time to dust off the ugliest items in your wardrobe.


Elevating the ugly and appropriating the passé, the fashion world has determined what was once uncool is now becoming cool, precisely because it's uncool. Our attention is being subverted from whats 'hot' to whats decidedly not— just look at Urban Outfitters' latest collaboration. The multinational clothing corporation did the unthinkable: it took Juicy Couture tracksuits from their dusty dwelling place in Paris Hilton's '00s closet and breathed new life into them. 

But Urban Outfitters isn't the only one bringing back some unexpected blasts from wardrobes past. We've seen our favorite style icons rocking Sketchers, which haven't been in since Britney lost them millions in '03, decidedly out-of-favor sportswear labels (Fila, Champion, Kappa) and '90s hip-hop touches that we would have once called tasteless. 

Ultimately, buying or creating something that you know objectively is out of fashion is a way to send a message that you’re above trends – the irony is you often end up creating one. Whether it's been in the hands of a social media influencer or a brand, transforming something indisputably decried as bad taste into something cool has been happening everywhere this season. 

Right now, bad taste is in; good taste is out. Take a look at some of our favorite bad fashion and get inspired to get unfashionable. 

Images Source: Instagram

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