Types of Casino Bonuses

Not every bonus is as easily won as the next.


We’ve mentioned it before, when choosing online casinos, which bonuses they offer can be the deciding factor. Smart casinos offer the best bonuses to attract new customers. But not every bonus is as easily won as the next. Terms and conditions differ from game to game and site to site. If you want to make the most out of online gambling, you’ll have to check out which of the different casino bonus offers works best for you. Here’s which exist and what to look out for.

Rely on The Gambling Hivemind

The internet is our trusty information highway. When you want to get into a new thing, chances are you're gonna google it and get inspired, or look at instruction videos on YouTube. You can do the same with online gambling. There are plenty of online gambling aficionados out there, some have formed entire communities to put their combined knowledge to good use. For example, you can learn about the best bonus offers from Casinomeister.

Making use of websites like this spares you the effort of going through all the available online casinos and sift through their bonus offers and terms by yourself.

The Types of Casino Bonuses

What is a Casino Bonus?

First things first: To figure out that a good casino bonus is, you need to know the specifics about bonus offers in general. Casino bonuses are special deals casinos offer their new and old users to attract them to and keep them on their site. It’s basically the casino equivalent to a shopping site, offering you 10 % for your first order after registering, but only if you order within the next 10 days and for at least £50.

It’s the same with casino bonuses. They might offer you free spins or additional wins, but they are usually time sensitive and come with terms and conditions that further specify which prerequisites need to be fulfilled till you can make use of the bonus.

Deposit and No Deposit Offers

You might split all bonus offers in general into these two categories:

  • A deposit bonus requires you to deposit money into your account before playing a bonus game. As a reward, you will gain a percentage of the deposit on top.
  • The no deposit games don’t require you to deposit money to become eligible for participation.

Sign-Up and Match Bonuses

A (percentage) match bonus matches the amount of money you deposit, usually on your first deposit on a site. If you were to deposit £20 on a 100 % percentage match bonus, you get the same worth added to your deposit for free. Usually there is a set limit of money you are allowed to deposit and still gain the percentage.

Match bonuses are often welcome bonuses but can also be offered as a return bonus for long time players. A welcome bonus however always includes a match bonus. How big the percentage is differs from offer to offer. They might be as big as 500 %. Meaning, you will get £100 on top of your £20 deposit.

2nd or 3rd Deposit & Reload Bonuses

Casinos want to keep you from registering for the bonus and then never coming back. Usually, they do that by offering bonuses for the second and sometimes third deposit you will invest in. These can be any kind of bonus, from percentages to free spins.

The reload bonus is a continuation of this concept. It offers some kind of bonus for every time the player deposits money. Sometimes these are a couple of free spins for every transaction, and sometimes they are tied to a specific payment method.

High Roller Bonus

A high roller bonus rewards the players who keep making big deposits. Often the conditions of the bonus get better the bigger the amounts are.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus allows you to win money back, if you already lost it. Sometimes it simply returns the loss to your deposit, sometimes you can choose to turn it into cash and deposit it back to your bank account.

Free Play Bonuses

The free play bonuses are often no deposit bonuses that are tied to a certain timespan. That can be as little as 30 minutes, but they do come with a lot of credits to spend in that time. The point being getting you to play as much as possible to get you invested into the online casino and stick around after the bonus time is over.

You need to check on the terms and conditions, though. Sometimes you won’t be able to cash the money you won in that timespan out till you actually pay for a spin, making the bonus not quite as ‘no deposit’ as previously thought.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are designed to allow you to test out different games and slot machines. They are often included in a sign-up bonus or other milestones. Here, again, you will need to be aware of the terms and conditions to make sure the cash-out will work like desired.


Bonus games can be an attractive offer to new and old users of gambling websites. They offer the chance to win more money, get free games and deposits. However, it is essential to always read the terms and conditions of a specific bonus offer. They might expect specific behaviors and goals not clearly stated in the initial offer that keep you from being able to cash out winnings if you do not reach them. You can use the help of gambling communities and guidelines to find out which bonuses are worth playing and how to handle them best.