Two Walmart Workers Pass Away And Walmart Is Getting Sued

Walmart has never been a great boss. But in recent weeks of heightened crisis, its negligence hits a deeper chord.


Walmart is being sued for wrongful death after two workers from the same Chicago store caught the virus and passed away at the end of March.

The lawsuit filed by one of the workers' families claims "willful and wanton misconduct, reckless disregard, and gross negligence" as Walmart failed to notify employees about coworkers showing COVID-19 symptoms, failed to enforce social distancing, and failed to provide protective gear like masks and gloves.

It is even more heartbreaking to hear that one of the employees who passed, Wando Evans, 51, was ignored when he first reported he wasn't feeling well. He was sent home a week later when the symptoms assumedly got worse, and he died there only two days later on March 25th. Then on the 29th, Evans' coworker Phillip Thomas, 48, also died due to coronavirus complications.

Walmart replied they have stepped up their cleaning and sanitizing, is now enforcing limits on the number of customers at their store at a given time, and is giving away masks and gloves to employees who want them. But it feels a little too late, especially for the two families.

The coronavirus is exposing not only our bodily fragility but also prevalent social inequity. At the least, during this trying, uncertain, fragile time, Walmart and other giant corporations like them should listen to workers' needs and provide adequate support.


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