New Vegan Alternative to ‘KitKat’ And ‘Twix’ Launched In US

The new cruelty-free treat rivals Nestle and Mars.


 All vegans have certain treats they miss, it can sometimes feel like some chocolate just can’t be recreated with cruelty-free ingredients. This is where start-up company Trupo Treats is here to prove that mindset wrong. 
Trupo Treats are on a journey to recreate world-renowned classics and make them vegan. This is also great news for those who want to avoid supporting mega corporations like Nestle. Trupo Treats are committed to ethical practices, from supply chain to charity efforts too.  

The founders are twins Brian and Charlie Trupo, these 22 year olds are set to redefine what it is to be vegan. “We started this company with a mission to provide vegan milk chocolate that people miss when they go vegan whilst also doing good for the environment and animals,” stated Brian. Like most vegans, these two needed a break from all the dark chocolate options – it just doesn’t satisfy cravings like milk chocolate does!
The new range includes their own vegan ‘Twix’, which features a multi-layered Mylk chocolate wafer bar, and a Mylk chocolate caramel cookie with a buttery vegan shortbread. Also featured in the range is a vegan ‘KitKat’, a Mylk Chocolate Rich Crunch Bar (like Nestle’s Crunch) and a Hershey’s inspired Mylk Chocolate Bar. 

All the products are made from fair trade chocolate and organic, ethically sourced, non-GMO ingredients. Not only that, but they also don’t contain dairy, gluten, peanuts, soy and palm oil! It’s a good time to be vegan.
Visit Trupo Treats here to find out more.