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5 Tricks to Disguise Thinning Hair

Disguise the effects of thinning hair with some smart hair styling tips.


Noticing that your hair is starting to thin can be worrying. We all wish we could enjoy healthy luscious hair for the rest of our lives, but for some people, hair loss is an inevitability. Thinning hair can be caused by a vast range of different factors, so your first step is to try and identify what may be behind it.

The two most common reasons are age and genetics. Once women, or men, get to a certain point in their life, hair naturally starts to thin. This is particularly prevalent amongst women entering the menopause. It could even be inherited, as some people are genetically predisposed to hair loss. 

But often, thinning hair is a reactive condition caused by specific triggers in someone’s life. This could be as a result of anything from hormonal imbalances, poor diet, stress, dramatic weight loss, iron and vitamin B12 deficiency, or thyroid problems. For women experiencing hair loss, don’t start booking expensive hair transplants or getting fitted for a hairpiece just yet. It is entirely possible to disguise the effects of thinning hair with some smart hair styling tips.

1. Get your hair cut

It may seem counterintuitive to battle the effects of thinning hair but cutting more hair off, but the right style can be hugely effective in hiding exposed patches of scalp. Longer hair is often denser, which holds the hair down onto the scalp and can make thinning hair appear more prominent. Shorter hairstyles with more layers and textures add volume and can give you the illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

2. Use volumising products

Another way to enhance this effect is by increasing your use of volumising products. Mousses or sprays, when applied to your roots, make the strands stiffer and stand further apart, making your thinning hair appear to have more volume. Blowing your hair out after washing it is another brilliant way to achieve the desired size, particularly when combined with a volumising shampoo.

3. Be clever with color

The colour of your hair has a massive impact on how noticeable any hair loss is. Darker hair can make any exposed patches of skin more visible, so consider dyeing your hair a lighter colour to make everything blend together. Highlights and lowlights can also add dimension, and take the focus off any thinning areas.

4. Change your parting

A straight, central hair parting can make thinning hair more noticeable, so try mixing it up a bit. A zigzag parting can completely take the focus off.

5. Use accessories

For a quick fix that’s easy to maintain, try hiding any thinning areas with accessories. Clip-on hair extensions can be a highly effective way to cover up any hair loss and add volume, and they are easy to remove. Or opt for a different look by embracing new types of headwear. Hats, bandannas, scarves or turbans can cover your head while still making a bold fashion statement.

As previously mentioned, disguising thinning hair will help you feel more confident in your appearance, but it will not do anything to reverse hair loss. Speak to a medical professional about the possible reasons for your thinning hair and options that may be available.

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