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3 Trendy And Stylish Gift Ideas For Her

Spoil her!


Recognizing the courage and contributions of strong women in our lives deserves to be celebrated with trendy and stylish gifts to acknowledge not only their birthday and other anniversaries, but the achievements they have made, sometimes against the odds.

Our grandmothers, mothers, and women across the centuries have had to be strong and have been admired for being so. Acknowledging the strength and the femininity of women with trendy and stylish gifts on special occasions encourages women to be strong models for us all. 

#1 Tech gifts

Technology is changing at a rapid rate and staying on-trend with the latest gadgets to make life simpler makes these gadgets great gifts for her.  Not only practical, but tech gifts can also be stylish, personalized with different skins and cases to suit her tastes.  

AirFly Pro

Many of us are moving to a wireless lifestyle, but there are still headphone jacks on airplanes and treadmills at the gym. Gift the AirFly Pro, a tiny transmitter that plugs into a headphone jack so you can use your wireless headphones for audio. You can also use AirFly Pro to send audio from your iPhone to the stereo in a hire car, on your boat or to stream music to a non-Bluetooth speaker and even game consoles like the Nintendo Switch. 


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Flip phones are now trending again. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, reverse wireless charging and speedy performance that you would expect from the brand. There’s also a Flex Mode in which you can use the split-screen for different activities at the same time, taking photos with the top screen and having controls on the other half. 


#2 Romantic gifts

You want to give your nearest and dearest a stylish gift that is romantic enough to be evidence that you cherish all that she is. Such gifts are perfect for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a congratulatory gift, or just “because I love you”. Your anniversary is probably the most important share date that you celebrate together, and it is important to make this a special day where you can celebrate all you have achieved to date and plan ahead.

If you feel under pressure with your anniversary gift, use the traditional and modern anniversary gifts guide since each year is symbolized by a material that recognizes the strength and flexibility of your relationship. For example, your first anniversary is paper (or clocks or gold) whilst a leather anniversary gift is for those celebrating their third anniversary. Outside the annual lists, you can gift a red rose, symbolic of passionate love, that has been preserved at its peak and gilded. Add another rose each year, and you will soon have a full bouquet on display at home. 


#3 On-trend fashion

The runways of Milan, Paris, London and New York offer such variety that you are sure to find something to match your taste. From 90s revival and the ongoing reaction against minimalism.  It is almost as if the new decade is saying that anything goes. Polka dots are still on-trend, but new to the catwalk is wearing netting under layers. Bold colors and also neon can put a new spin on the pinafore dresses, dungarees and bowling shirts of last season. 

Waistcoats are about to make a comeback, to be slung over silk shirts and jeans for a Parisian boho look seen or as part of mannish suiting. A quality black waistcoat paired with jeans and heels will give a great look for the evening. 

Tropical is still topical, with parrot print minis and gowns printed with animals or giant blooms. Vegan or traditional soft leather trousers are on-trend if you don’t want to wear denim, which never goes out of fashion. A trench coat is perfect for keeping out any chill in the air and choose any color except black.


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