4 Tips To Find A Nail Salon For Regular Appointments

Build rapport with the nail salon that offers you an excellent job.


Getting your nails done is the ultimate picker-upper of a lady. Like your hair, your nails have to look clean and nice. Depending on your personality, some ladies out there who love to play around with different styles and colors of your nails. The point is, if you regularly have your nails done, you’ll want to be able to get it from one nail salon you trust with your appointments.

You surely wouldn’t want to jump from one nail salon to another. Having a good relationship with your nail technician and artist from your other trusted nail salons like Nails A More, should be long-term. This means build rapport with the nail salon that offers you an excellent job and a pleasant customer.

So, if you don’t have a trusted nail technician yet, it’s not too late to find one now. Below are some of the things you can do, to end up setting regular appointments with a good nail salon:


1. The Salon Exhibits Perfect Sanitation

Cleanliness is crucial, especially for nail salons. Remember salon use tools from one customer to another, and this touches the skin, sometimes even inner nail parts, depending on how deep the cleaning of the feet needs to be.

So, don’t skimp on the sanitary practices. At the very least, choose nail salon should sanitize the tools after every use, before using it again with another client. The nail technicians should also make it a point to wash their hands regularly.

Failing to choose a hygienic salon will most likely result in a fungal infection. No one wouldn’t want an infection when all they need is to relax and feel pampered.

2. The Salon Uses Quality Products

Quality products don’t necessarily have to be pricey. The price of products and services isn’t always a determinant for success. So, if you’ve already gotten to a nail salon and not long after your nail starts chipping or peeling, then it’s a sign for you not to go back to the same nail salon again.

One reason for it is, the nail salon doesn’t use approved and high-quality polish brands. So, if you’ve got certain allergies, it’s also a plus points if the nail salon offers vegan, organic or hypoallergenic nail polish.

Using professional and good quality products guarantees long-lasting and durable outcome.


3. The Salon Staff Exhibit Excellent Customer Service

A good nail salon’s staff should be friendly and amicable, while still maintaining good professionalism. If you’ve got questions about their services offered and other nail-related matters, the staff should also be more than willing to be patient with answering these queries. If they start to be annoyed, or if they’re stingy with their response, then that’s another red flag for you to walk away.

Moreover, if a salon is a place you’re going to frequent, then it’s a pain in the neck to have to deal with unpleasant staff.

As you look around the nail salon, particularly if it’s your first time, make it a point also to observe how they interact with the customers they’re working with. This will give you insights on how they’ll also possibly treat you, as a customer.

4. The Salon Lets Fresh Air In

Depending on where the nail salon is located, it’s not all the time opening up the windows is an option. Especially in warmer countries, this can also affect the comfort of the customers.

But a nail salon should still make it possible to have fresh air going through their premises, as there are now so many ways to be able to achieve this. For starters, there’s the usual ventilation systems that the salon must have installed. Then, there’s also natural air purifiers through plants, and even air purifying machines that are now readily available in the market.

Having fresh air coming in the salon is very important, given that nail polish can also be full of toxins. Unless, of course, the nail salon uses only organic and chemical-free nail polish, then this provision for fresh air is needed. Otherwise, while you may think you’re pampering yourself, you’re also inhaling all the toxic residue from the nail polish.



Getting your nails done should be an overall fun, enjoyable, and relaxing experience. You shouldn’t have to feel grossed out with possibly unhygienic tools and poorly-maintained salon. In addition, the ambience matters, along with the staffs' personality.

When getting a nail done is your means to have a ‘me time’ or to relax, it’s alright to be picky about the nail salon you’ll put your trust in. More than having well-made and beautiful nails, it’s also about enjoying the time—which you may not always have—to pamper yourself.