Safety First: Preventing Common Accidents

Prevention is better than cure.


Accidents happen to all of us, and in the worst-case scenarios, they can have some pretty disruptive consequences. From injuries and medical bills, to having to take time off work and even deal with legal admin. If you’re injured at work, in a car accident, or in certain other public contexts, then being in touch with a reputable law firm like Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers Phoenix will be an important line of defence.

However, it’s also important to remember that prevention is better than cure, which is why being prepared and prioritizing all kinds of accident prevention should be something that’s at the forefront of your mind. Here are some tips to help you live safely and carefully.


Keep Walkways Clear

A tidy space not only looks better and more organized, but it’s safer for everyone around you too. Whether at work or home, on a construction site or even in a grocery store, random items lying around (particularly where people are walking) can be even more dangerous than it is unpleasant to look at.

Tripping and falling over items that aren’t supposed to be there is a common reason why people get seriously injured. Slips and falls can lead to broken bones and even lawsuits if you’re the owner of a business or building. Be aware of the tidiness of your space and make an effort to keep walkways clear. 



Install Smoke Detectors

Not installing a smoke detector – or failing to keep one well-maintained – is a simple act of negligence that can have serious consequences. Smoke detectors have saved countless people (at home, work, and other contexts) from fires that might have otherwise gone undetected and rapidly spread. 

If you’re the owner of a business or a house, make a note of having a smoke detector installed to help prevent and manage fires that could cause serious damage. If you already have one of these devices installed, make sure to test it at least once per year and keep it clean and maintained so it lasts.  


Use Ergonomic Workstations

You might not think of back and neck injuries as “accidents”, but this type of strain can still lead to a lot of pain and even complaints from employees. Implementing a more ergonomic workstation is a helpful way to prevent injuries like these and ensure that you’re prioritizing health and safety in the workplace.

If you work from home, this is your own responsibility to take care of! Make sure you’re using a chair that doesn’t hurt your back, sit properly at your desk, and invest in tools like monitor stands and an ergonomic mouse to reduce pain and strain while you work.