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3 Tips On Reinventing Your Fave Fits

Whilst keeping your coin, sis.


We’ve all got those fave outfits, or a fave piece we haven’t washed in months because we’re constantly grabbing for it. And honestly, who cares if people constantly see us in the same clothes? We look good, girl! But if you’re looking to inject some new life into your signature fits, here’s 3 tips on how to turn that worn out look into a whole new vibe.


Throw on a long sleeve turtleneck under a favourite oversized tee for some added drip. Whether it’s a cool neutral hue or a bright contrast, this combo will add a whole new element to a fit, whilst offering some extra warmth in the colder months. Jacket, who?


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You saw this one coming. Clipping a chain to the belt loops of jeans, fastening a tape belt around a dress, adding some cute af sunglasses, the list is endless.


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That oversized tee we love so dearly? Tying a knot in the front will offer a brand new shape and feel to an already killer style. And for you skirt enthusiasts, grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting off the hem introduces a beaut rugged look. Take it a step further by using a pumice stone to rough up the edges even more. We stan a DIY queen.


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Most importantly, wear whatever you want, however you want. If you love it, rock it – no matter how many times you’ve stepped out in it. Show up to show all the way out, sis.


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