10 Tips For Smelling Good All Day Long

Alter the way we smell.


It’s important to smell good. Our fragrance can impact how confident and happy we are, plus it can have an impact on how attractive and likeable we are to others. 

There are many ways to alter the way we smell. Some of these can have a more lasting impact than others. Below are just a few tips on how to smell good all day long. 

Explore ways to make your clothes smell good

The smell of your clothes can have a big impact on your overall smell. There are many different ways to ensure that your clothes smell good:

  • Firstly, know how often to wash your clothes. While you can get away with wearing jeans or jumpers a few days in a row, there comes a point when they’ll start to smell if you don’t clean them. 
  • Dry clothes immediately after washing them to avoid that horrible musty smell. Putting clothes immediately in the tumble dryer after the spin cycle is complete is a good habit to get into. 
  • Consider using scented laundry detergents and other scented washing machine products to help clothing smell fresher.
  • Alternatively, spray scents on clothes in your wardrobe or add scented pouches to drawers and closets.
  • There are special sprays that you can buy for shoes. Consider using these if you notice your shoes starting to smell.

Experiment with moisturizers and lotions

Moisturizers and lotions can not only keep your skin soft and hydrated, but they can also keep your skin smelling good. There are moisturizers that you can buy with all kinds of scents ranging from cocoa butter to floral smells. Unscented moisturizers are available although most will possess some kind of subtle smell simply due to the ingredients in them. Pay attention to used-by dates, as moisturizers and lotions may start to give off a pungent smell once they expire. 

Apply perfumes/aftershaves early

Perfumes and aftershaves are an obvious way to help you smell good - but did you know that there is a proper and improper way to apply them? If you apply perfumes or aftershaves directly before leaving the house, you could lose a lot of the scent as a result of the wind and rain. It’s better to let perfumes and aftershaves dry on your skin before leaving the house. You can visit a perfumery to explore different products. As with moisturizers and lotions, pay attention to expiry dates when using perfumes and aftershaves - some perfumes expire after a year and may not smell pleasant afterwards. 

Spray perfume on your hairbrush

Want your hair to smell good? Spraying perfume directly onto your hair is not recommended as it can damage it. However, you can apply perfume to your hair in smaller and safer amounts by spraying it onto your hairbrush before brushing your hair. 

Use good quality soaps and shampoos

Good quality soaps and shampoos can keep you smelling fresh longer. Cheaper bath and shower products may use chemical scents that don’t last as long (as well as being harsher on the skin and often worse for the environment). It’s best to stick to soaps and shampoos that use natural ingredients to provide longer-lasting scents. You can shop for these high quality bath products online. 

Try to match scents

You should be careful of wearing lots of different products with different scents. Not all scents pair well together, which could result in a fragrance that is a little overwhelming or even pungent. Learn how to layer fragrances by picking out the strongest notes in products and finding products with similar scents. For example, you may want to pair a floral perfume with a floral moisturizer. Some different scents can be blended well (such as floral and citrusy). Others may not (such as floral and herbal). Consider this when choosing products. 

Take care with deodorants/antiperspirants

Antiperspirants can stop you sweating and prevent unpleasant body odors. Most people use antiperspirants on their armpits, however you can also apply them to other sweat-prone areas of your body. Many modern antiperspirants are also deodorants - on top stopping you sweating, they also contain scents. Some of these scents can be very overpowering if you apply too much, so try to avoid spraying on huge amounts. 

Watch what you consume

The foods and beverages we consume can affect the smell of our breath and the smell of our sweat. You should be careful of consuming heavy amounts of garlic, alcohol or red meat as these can all cause unpleasant body odors. Consuming foods and drinks containing mint, citrus fruits and apples may help to cover up or neutralise these smells

Keep your home smelling nice

You should also consider the smell of the environments that you spend time in. Spend too long in a smelly room and this odor will transfer to your skin and clothes. The way our home smells can often have a big impact on how we smell. Consider tackling any bad odors in your home to stop your skin and clothes from picking up these smells. You can also make your home smell better by introducing scents in the air with oil diffusers and candles. 

Don’t overlook personal hygiene

It should go without saying that personal hygiene is important if you want to smell good. There’s only so much that you can do to mask bad body odor - a good personal hygiene routine can help you to smell good naturally without the need to add scents.

Make sure you’re bathing/showering at least two to three times per week. It’s generally unhealthy to shower or bathe more than once per day unless you’ve been exercising and working up a sweat. Pay special attention to smelly areas such as your feet, armpits, groin and bum. 

Good dental hygiene can meanwhile keep your breath smelling nice. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice per day and consider using mouthwash.

Some people experience problems such as excess sweating or dry mouth, which can increase body odors. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor for these issues if regular cleaning isn’t having any impact.