TikTok's New Sea Salt Water Acne Treatment Trend: Does It Help To Cure Acne?

Another trend, tried and tested


When it comes to skin, we are pretty sure, like us, you have tried everything on the market to heal those pesty pimples. However, nothing is ever 100% effective and you are left feeling as if your skin will always cause you insecurities, right? We get you, and so does almost every other girl. The question is whether the new TikTok trend (yes, another trend) of using sea salt water treatments to help clear acne is too good to be true?  

A user by the handle of @aubyrnjadeart has reached 4 million people talking of her dramatic skin transformation achieved with a sea salt water treatment. It does make sense though. When you have a small cut on your body on holiday, your Mom will most likely tell you to go in the sea as the saltwater will help heal the wound. This is the effect both creators @aubyrnjadeart and @leacrylics swear by because it balances skin pH and kills bacteria. 

So, we're going to have to burst your bubble TikTok. Dermatologists have stated that this solution is not a long-term fix for your skin and avoiding do-it-yourself solutions at home is a must. Plus, there’s a big difference between the saltwater in the natural ocean than the concoction you quickly whip up in the kitchen. Other experts have discredited the claim that this helps to balance the skin’s pH levels and suggests using glycolic acid and salicylic acid to help with skin concerns. Additionally, unfortunately, the saltwater does not have a strong enough antimicrobial effect and so will fail to kill the acne. 

So, we hate to break it to you but experts have tried and tested this new trend and have dismissed the apparent benefits. For those seeing results from a sea salt water acne treatment, it is mostly a matter of exfoliation and anti-inflammation which will not last. Sorry TikTok, your latest hack has officially been debunked. (Surprised? Us neither!) 

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