3 Things To Do In Your Twenties

Make the most of it.


Your twenties are a big deal. Not quite a teenager, not quite an adult, you’ll have the perfect balance of independence and support while not having to worry about the responsibilities of being in your thirties. There is a near-endless world for you to sink your teeth into, and you should try to seize as much of it as you can while you have the opportunity and independence. But enjoying your twenties doesn’t just mean being irresponsible and hoping for the best. There’s a lot of the world for you to see while you’re in your prime, and you’re probably going to want to make the most of it, so here are three things you should do in your twenties. 

Be You


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One thing that you’re bound to learn in your twenties is that there is no correct way to do anything, most people you see usually don’t have any idea what they’re doing, so it’s important to keep that in mind when listening to other people’s opinions. That’s one of the most important things to take in board in your twenties and will help you realize that the best way to live is to live as your authentic self, and no one is going to be better at making decisions for you than you. So whether you think finding yourself is going to involve getting an education, or getting those piercings you’ve always wanted (for me that was a 10 gauge earrings from  UBJ), make sure to do it your way. 

See the world 

The world is a big place, like really big, and many of us don’t realize just how big it is until we’re too old to experience it. One thing that should be everyone’s priority in their twenties is traveling and getting to experience even just a little of everything this world has to offer. Of course, the pandemic hasn’t necessarily done any favors for people interested in traveling given the lockdowns and restrictions on travel, but due to cheaper flights and accommodation, many places that would normally cost a small fortune to go to are way less expensive- and when you’re in your twenties and traveling on a budget, that’s always good news. 

Don’t Take Life So Seriously And Always Seize Your Opportunities


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While you’re young, everything can seem very serious and daunting, especially in your twenties, but one thing that you’re sure to realize as your twenties go on is that life isn’t as serious as some people make it out to be. You don’t need to worry about work or college every waking hour or even turn all of your hobbies or interests into a side hustle. The most important thing to do is to take life as it comes, in whatever form that turns out to be. So, whenever an amazing opportunity presents itself, as it usually does when you’re in your twenties, you should stop trying so hard to guess the consequences and make the most of your opportunities while you can.