Three Reasons Why a Garden Room is a Great Addition to Your Home

Transform your home.


In the warmer months, when thoughts turn to gardening, homeowners wonder how they can make their outdoor spaces more functional. One of the simplest methods to expand your living area while exploring the line separating the inside from the outside is by installing a garden room.

A garden room is, by definition, a structure in your yard that is distinct from your main house. As opposed to a shed, it is a building often constructed of the finest natural materials, designed to survive the elements, and enable year-round multi-functional use. For decades, garden rooms have been a popular option for homeowners wishing to make the most of their outdoor area and add a touch of luxury. Additionally, the addition of a garden room might raise the value of your home.

Office Space

For many, the idea of a garden office is highly appealing. Office space in your garden can provide freedom from commuting while being far enough away from domestic temptations like fridge raiding or dishwasher emptying. The structure you choose should be completely connected, insulated, heated, and have access to Wi-Fi.

If you have a budget to adhere to and the cost of a full expansion designed by an architect is too high, consider a traditional "lean to." These structures, which are typically made of glass and resemble conservatories, often do not require planning approval, though you should always check with your local authorities. It might be the thing that attracts a potential buyer if furnished and set out appropriately in a way that complements the rest of the house.

Entertainment Area

A contemporary conservatory-type extension can provide a classy addition that promotes a peaceful, inviting atmosphere with enough space to host larger events. Creating a garden room bar area may be top of your list if you enjoy hosting friends and family. Think of a bespoke table with carefully chosen table bar stools that complement the look of the space.  With adaptable designs, you can take this area from boho to chic simply by rearranging the furniture and table accessories. You could set up a space for "punters" to relax, a bar for mixing drinks, and perhaps even a food vending machine or two to offer convenient refreshments. You can organize movie evenings by adding a sofa and possibly a projector to your garden room.

Hobby Room

Another popular use for a garden room is a home gym. In this way, you can work out without ever leaving home. Rubber mats on the floor, together with the addition of weights and cardio machines, make it simple to transform a garden room into a gym. A home spa or games area are some additional uses for a garden room. A garden room can be converted for any activity or pastime, giving you access to a dedicated space just a short distance from your home.

Never have garden rooms been so fashionable. A garden room can provide you with a private retreat that you can customize to suit your lifestyle and truly make it your own, whether you want to add extra space for recreational activities or privacy for business.