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Thom Browne Launches Gender Fluid Fragrance Line

Inspired by the “individuality found in uniformity”.


54-year-old designer and mastermind Thom Browne has just released his first fragrance line, entitled “Vetyver”, which is inspired by the “individuality found in uniformity”. 

When asked about the creative process, Browne explained, “I started with the pure idea of vetyver and surrounded that by scents that were attractive to different types of people for different times of the day.” The result? A range of six gender-neutral fragrances that came to life during a collaboration with Swiss fragrance maker Givaudan who’s known for rich and high-quality scents.


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From simple packaging to crisp scents, the fragrance line is in-line with Browne’s clean-cut fashion creations that became widely popular after former US-First Lady Michelle Obama wore an interpretation of the designer’s well-tailored grey looks to the 2013 inauguration.

The fragrances retail for $200 each and can be purchased via the official Thom Browne online shop.


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