This Dry Shampoo Legit Smells Like Perfume

Byredo’s Mojave Ghost to be exact.


Haircare extraordinaire Ouai and scent sensation Byredo have joined forces to create the ultimate dry shampoo that smells exactly like Byredo’s Mojave Ghost. Meet Ouai’s Super Dry Shampoo X Byredo.

Ouai is the brainchild of hairstylist Jen Atkin, the master behind the sleek tresses of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, not to mention the Hadid sisters. The fragrance has always played a major role for Ouai who has released its own perfume range and even a scented pet shampoo – yeah, tap the link if you don’t believe us. 

The collaboration features the dry shampoo formula that’s been an Ouai hero-product since the brand’s inception in 2016. With lockdown, we’ve been taking the more laid-back approach when it comes to hairstyling; spritzing dry shampoo for an instant refresh as needed five minutes before the next Zoom call - so it’s a natural choice for this powerhouse collaboration.

For a 50ml bottle of Mojave Ghost, along with its intoxicating notes of amber, sandalwood, magnolia, musk, and cedar, you’re looking at a setback of $180. But, with the Ouai x Byredo Dry Shampoo, you’re getting Byredo’s dreamy scent along with delivered results and cost the same as Ouai - $24! 

Shop it here for $24


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