Things You Could Be Doing That Are Ruining Your Skin

Avoid having bad skin.


Do you have an extensive skincare routine and still seem to be having problems with your skin? Do you think there is just nothing that you can do about your skin anymore and want to give up?

So many people in the world suffer some form of bad skin. Having good skin is essential and there are so many resources available online to do this. You might think you have tried everything you can and still aren’t seeing any results. This might be because you are doing something incorrectly.

The skin on your face is sensitive and it is crucial to have a good, well-rounded skincare routine in order to keep it protected. However, some people don’t necessarily do what is right for their skin and this ends up making it worse for them. If you would like to avoid having bad skin, here are a few things that you could be doing that are ruining your skin.

Using too many products

Using too many products is a common mistake people make, especially when they are trying to get into skincare and trying to establish a good skincare routine. It might seem great to have a really fleshed out skincare routine but in actual fact, if you end up using too many products, they might not even serve any purpose and your skin won't actually be able to get any benefits from the products. It’s recommended that you choose 1 or 2 reliable skincare products, like the ones that are available from Radiant Professional, and only use those. Using too many products can upset the pH levels in your skin, leaving you worse off than when you first started.

Not washing your face before bed

It should be standard practice that every day, before you go to bed, you wash your face. So many people don’t end up doing this because they are too tired after a long day of working and don’t feel like getting up to do it. Washing your face before bed is a crucial step in your skincare routine and something that no one should be missing out on.

This is because throughout the day, your face gets a build-up of sweat, oils, dirt, and pollutants from the air which ultimately clog up your pores. Clogged pores lead to bad acne or acne with infection. Having a clean face before bed will prevent this. It will also mean that your pillow will be clean and you don’t have to worry about any of the gross stuff from your face transferring onto your pillow during the night.

Not using sunscreen

Too many people don’t understand the incredibly harmful effect that the sun can have on your skin, especially your face skin which is a lot more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body and more prone to damage. A crucial part of everyone’s daily skincare routine should be applying sunscreen or at very least a moisturizer with an SPF in it.

Not only will this help your skin to not get burned by the sun but it will also prevent any other kind of damage such as sun spots, skin cancer and more. On top of this, by protecting your skin from the sun, you prolong the youth of it, giving it a much smoother look and not aging too quickly.

Exfoliating too much

When people start taking their skincare seriously, the first step people seem to take is to exfoliate their skin. This is fantastic. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of all the dead skin cells on the surfaces and helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it more youthful and livelier. However, some people like to exfoliate too much and this can actually cause more problems for your skin.

When you over exfoliate, you can actually create micro tears in your skin which can become inflamed and infected leading to bed skin. You should only be exfoliating roughly 2 to 3 times a week maximum to get the best results.

Not cleaning your phone

These days, practically everyone has a mobile phone and they take it just about everywhere with them. This means that there is a 100% chance that it's actually dirty and could be the cause of your skin issues. If you don’t clean your phone, every time you use your phone, you transfer the bacteria from the phone to your face.